Kirkwood to Lake Tahoe?

30 miles

Approx 07:00 to 13:00hrs

Up more hills today! Well actually we went up 2 hills but they were massive.

It was freezing cold when I opened the tent zip. With this huge drop in temperature – I needed to put my quilted jacket on. But we had planned for this.

After we had some breakfast and packed the tent etc away we were back on the road.

Today’s challenge was another 800 ft to about 8800 at Carsons Pass. Then a huge 6 mile drop before reaching the perimeter of Lake Tahoe. Then 1 more final climb of around 800ft before descending and finally reaching our destination.

Let’s hope things will start to flatten out for a while and give our legs a break. They are really sore and a little swollen.

We managed to drop the bikes off at the Over The Edge bike shop for a check over of our Wiggo and Daisy. The guys at the shop are lovely and even at short notice they were happy to fit us in.

Both Andy and I are tired. We are ready for a break.Thankfully we are now taking 2 days to relax.

Oh yeah we made it to the Nevada state line!


  1. You are both doing fantastic – really hope you are taking all of your trip in – You blog is halfway between a Kerouac transcript and a Viking Epic! Love reading about your advernures.

    1. Yes we are taking everything in. The trips been challenging, painful, fun, explorative and the people we’ve met have been amazing.
      Ps thank you for your kindness

  2. Hi Tracey, its Michelle from work. So glad its all going well for you and Andy. It sounds exhausting but amazing too! Look after yourselves…lots o love xx

    1. Thanks Michelle, it’s been difficult to reply with the internet bring terrible here. It is exhausting but rewarding too. The climbs can be huge and the days are long. Hugs to you and thank you for your kind words. Lots of love xxx

    2. Hey ???? Michelle, lovely to get a message from you!! Sorry for the delay. Sometimes just getting my blog out is a challenge. The internet is terrible here! I am tired but I’m getting a day off here and there. Give my love to everyone at work. Lots of love Xxx

    1. ?????????? thanks Lynne got your lovely support. This means a lot!! It’s certainly a challenge but we are doing really well. Just over the half way point now xxx

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