Austin to Eureka?

Day 11

70 miles 3336 calories!

The journey started around 0700 on route 50 . The time was significant because we wanted to miss as much of the heat of the day as possible. It gets really hot here and near impossible to ride because it sucks all of your energy. We wanted a cool start… Most importantly there aren’t any services on the 50 for 68 miles. We’d packed plenty of water because Nevada can be very drying!
On leaving Austin, there’s a climb and 3 Summits. Austin Summit, Bob Scott Summit and ? Hickinson Summit. Some of the roads are poker straight and very long and as the map says ‘bean flat’ at times. Around 10 miles out of Eureka I hit a wall. I felt shattered probably because I’d not eaten enough. To try to rejuvenate myself I scoffed fig biscuits and drank a litre of water. I still felt useless on the final push into Eureka. This was another climb. I collected everything I had and slowly made it to the finish line. Andy was kind and patiently stayed close by and sorted a motel.

Shattered but I’d made it to Eureka ????

On our way to Eureka, about 20 miles from Austin we bumped into Robert. A young and polite German guy. We saw him cycling towards us going in the opposite direction towards Austin. As it happens Robert is cycling coast to coast New York to California. The total opposite to us. We all chatted about the route and we gave Robert a couple of tips and let him know about the delights of Austin. We laughed and gave our business cards before getting back on the bikes. Who would have imagined meeting someone who’s sharing the same route across the States and they’ve already moved their wheels over ground we are yet to cover.

On route to Eureka we passed a middle aged couple who shouted over from the other side of the road asking, Where are you heading’, ? they had 2 horses and told us they were heading to Virginia right over on the east coast. ? Who could possibly think up the challenge to ride a horse from the West to East coast! Well it happened today! I did worry about how the poor horses would feel because trucks constantly pass at high speed!
Something a little different but more humorous was when an American guy caught our attention. He’d seen the Union Jack flags and shouted ‘ Hey guys’ and then pulled his trousers down. Jeeze I didn’t know what he was going to show us. Unexpectedly he showed us his Union Jack pants. Indeedie, and thankfully that was all! He’s definitely a UK fan. We laughed all the way up the road. Rule Britania!

I’m all settled in the Sundown lodge and we’re planning to have an early night because where off to Ely. A 78 miler! Best eat more.

Good night from me and good morning to everyone at home.

Ps mum I’m safe and doing well. Love you.


  1. Epic stuff! Getting into the thick of it now. Well done, we are all thinking of you guys. Keep up the good work ???? ???? ???? ???? love hayden

    1. ???????? Thanks for your support! We arrived in Cedar City yesterday evening. We are traveling across the states really well and taking on big climbs and long distances. The Great Basin was breathtaking, back breaking ( with the weight of the kit etc) and energy zapping because the sun. Utah is lovely!

  2. Knock Knock
    Who’s there?
    Eureka who?
    Eureka something awful, did you ride through some horse poo?
    Well done Tracey – you knew there would be some bad days riding and you’ve ticked that one off. Tomorrow will be great. We are so proud of you both! Keep on keeping on.

    1. Thank you Andrew. We are doing really well and taking the challenges that we face with determination. I’ve posted that we’ve arrived in Cedar City, Utah and the scenery is amazing! We are going to see the Grand Canyon today ???? – a reward for our hard work xx

  3. Keep going Tracey, loving reading both of your blog’s, all the grand children are following you too. God bless both of you and take care, love you lots Mum & Jeff xxx ????????

  4. Sounds shattering Tracey – keep up the good work though – It is amazing reading your Blog as you do something only others dream about doing. So proud of you.

    1. ????????????
      Thank you Andy! We are doing really well and seeing some amazing sites along the way. Give my love to Kathyn xx

  5. One more startling climb to go before the Utah border, which is rolling hills and wonderful scenery. I hope enjoy Big Basin National Park. There a nice abandoned beehive like kilns and a famous flag tree on 50 in Utah. You are doing well. Enjoy the ride because from Eureka out the ride and the scenery only gets better.

    1. Hey mate! We don’t mind the climbs and love the views when descending. It’s invigorating! The stretch from Baker to Milford was amazing – the views and the openness the Great Basin. WOWSERS ????

  6. Okay, I forgot the ugliness of the first hundred miles or so in Utah, but it does get better. No road shoulders thou, so hopefully traffic will be sparse and friendly.

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