Baker to Milford, Utah

Day 15

83 miles

Up for 0500 and set off just before 0700.

Yes we’ve crossed over from Nevada to Utah!

What a day! Fierce head winds, heat and no services for 84 miles. The hardest day so far!

As soon as we left Baker ? on the road into Garrison the wind hit us face on. This was fierce and lasted all day! In fact we could have probably walked faster, we cycled approximately 25 miles in 5 hours. Unbelievable! The wind hit us side and face on and momentarily from behind but only momentarily. It was demoralising because we had 83 miles to cycle and I could have cried more than several times. I was suffering.

A stop for lunch was welcomed. Even though this was only a quick 15 minutes.

The Valley is beautiful but also, as the Sheriff said later in the day cruel because of the elements.

We passed through Snake Valley, Halfway Summit, Wah Wah Summit, and …

We met the Sheriff before reaching the final Summit, Frisco Summit. We asked if he could go ahead to Milford and ensure a room at Oak Tree Inn was reserved for us. After giving us some water he happily agreed to help.

The view coming into Milford was gleefully greeted. We took our room key and enjoyed the comfort and nice food.

Not a clear photo but it does say welcome to Milford.

Todays cycling was a struggle. The Valley was demanding both mentally and physically. There were many times when I struggled and felt sorry for myself because the wind just wouldn’t allow me to move forward. This continued for 13 hours! I’ve never been more challenged.

I am tired and my legs, body and hands are hurting.Tomorrow I’m looking forward to Cedar City via a coffee stop @ Minersville.

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