Blanding to Dove Creek – into Colorado

Day 24

Up @ 0430 and finished at 1300hrs

50 miles

Welcome to Colorado ????

This morning I reluctantly got up. I say reluctantly because the bed was so comfortable compared to sleeping out last night. We said our goodbyes to the lovely Katy and Ron, thanking them for taking us into their beautiful home.

The local petrol station was our 1st stop to get fuelled up for the days ride. Some lovely fruit and fruit bread from Katie and Ron along with olives, an orange, an apple and bananas.
It felt like a good day. I was full of energy after a good nights sleep, good food and clean clothes (thank you Katy and Ron). Back on the road, the 1st climb was gradual and long but I was packing a punch today and steadily sailed up each climb.
We bumped into Joy & Tony, 2 people who are also fundraising and going our way. West to East. On the route we passed each other several times. It wasn’t until later that we found out that they had lost a close friend to a brain tumour. I thought their story should be told. Their friend was physically fit, lived a healthy lifestyle and ate a vegan diet but he died a young man. Joy and Tony are obviously deeply affected by their loss and have decided to make some significant lifestyle changes. They’ve sold their home and everything in it, given up their precious dog to a relative and quit their jobs. It is not just about the fundraising, for them it’s a lifestyle change too and they’ve made changes to live their life their way… I thought their story was very emotional and when they were telling me about their friend Tony needed to take a moment.

Saying our farewells and safe journeys to each other.

To me this story is important, I wanted to blog about their feelings. We shouldn’t forget that our friends and families are precious and aren’t always going to be with us. Things can make life easier, like a nice car but it’s friends who carry us through life and not our comforts, Joy and Tony are living their lives together in a way that makes them feel alive again.

When asking Mike how the ride was today and he said, ‘ I’m tired, the ride was easier today and goodnight’. This was @ 15:56! Around 1 hour later I found him fast asleep. My thoughts about today was that the roads were busy with traffic, some getting too close and the climbs were long. Andy said ‘The ride was good, moderately hilly and hot and I was tired and flagged behind a bit but it was a good ride’.

To be honest when we pulled into Dove Creek we were pleased the ride was finished because there was plenty of time left to relax. We were very happy, as you can see below.

So with the spare time we’ve eaten, I’ve been to the salon to have a deep hair conditioning treatment (because the suns bleached my hair) and all 3 of us have chilled out in our motel room.

Tonight we laugh and I will think of all the people I love and care about.


  1. What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing your friend’s story. Very touching! Made me stop and reflect on what really is important. Relationships are so valuable to me and life is unpredictable. I want you to know how grateful I am that Rory stopped and invited you into our home that night! My life feels richer because I met you and Andy! You are both so very inspiring. Thank you! For all you do and for the wonderful people you are!

  2. Another wonderful day in the west, with a hair treatment to boot. Up next the lovely Rockies. Enjoy.

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