Boulder to Hanksville?

Day 20

Up for 0500 until 1900

84 miles

90 degrees Fahrenheit

The day started with a climb from 7000 ft climb to 9600ft and finished on 4500ft.
We took the climb steadily because it was early and the air was cool.

It’s much more difficult when the sun comes out, but it wasn’t a walk in the park either. As you can see in the pictures we made it to the summit and onto Hanksville. However, there’s more that happened inbetween…

I was very pleased with myself for making the Summit. We took a million pictures today because the scenery was as Mike says in his Orgeon accent ‘AWESOME!’
With 84 miles we covered Deer mountain, Lion mountain, Grover, Torrey, Caineville and the amazing scenery at Reef National Park.
Cycling through Reef National Park was the highlight of my day. The mountains formed openings for the road to pass through and in parts they towered many hundreds of feet blocking the sun. The canyons gently opened up to allow us to see the vast openness of the desert and making me feel very small.

We arrived safely in Hanksville. Maybe a little dirty but that demonstrated the hard work we put into the ride today. Our reward is to stay in a motel and leave the tent packed.

Our route to Hanksville was very long, hot , dirty, and but very rewarding.


  1. Tracey,
    I love your words….”Our route to Hanksville was very long, hot, and dirty, but very rewarding”. Such inspiring words! Each time I read about your adventures, I am envious that I am not with you. Maybe some day….. I am always glad to hear you are doing well, in good spirits and good health. Please keep posting, so I can keep following.
    ~With love….Your new friend (forever)
    P.S. Please say hi to “On-day” and Mike and give them hugs from us.

    1. Vicki I would love you to be on our journey! I miss you and Rory!! Andy says hello and he sends his love. I’ve not been able to pick your message up until today – Mikes gone back home but he said you and Rory are really kind people. Hopefully we can spend more time together again.

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