Canon City to Pueblo, Colorado- Our final ride with Mike.

Day 31

50 miles

The ride to Pueblo on highway 50 was fast and furious. The traffic was terrifyingly fast, trucks and campers rushing along the motorway, with no care at times given to people or animals sharing the road.

I stayed alert.

The first part of the ride was mostly down hill and for this we love you Mike (who planned this part of the route), then the hills rolled up and down with some bigger hills to climb but we took this in our stride.

Unfortunately, we saw a deer that had been knocked by a vehicle. This happens a lot because these animals jump over fences and run out into oncoming traffic.

This beautiful animal had managed to get off the road and lent itself against a hillside .

It’s hard to comprehend the frequency that this happens or how drivers, mostly leave the animal to die without being there. I just wish some responsibility was taken.

We rang 911 and they, sadly arranged for the animal to be put to sleep.

We continued onto Peublo hunted out a bike shop. Mikes bike is going back to Oregon and it’s going to be boxed up ready for shipping home. Following this we found somewhere to stay, Microtel Motel was going to be our home for two nights. The reason for two nights was because we all needed a rest and it’s Mikes last day tomorrow.

So, after putting the bikes and our things in the room we went into Pueblo to enjoy our last evening together. See the pics below.

The evening went far too quickly.

It was then time for the last goodnight to Mike.


  1. Hopefully you’ll stay in contact and he will follow your journey like I have. Onward to the plains and hopefully you’ll see some pronghorn if you haven’t seen any yet. Enjoy.

  2. Sounds like a scary part of your journey, what with the speed the traffic was going!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work, still loving the blog xxx

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