Carolls Summit to Austin, Nevada

40 miles

Hot day! I burnt my legs today ???? with factor 30!

Well to say last nights sleep was terrible would be an understatement! At midnight I was awoken by something touching the tent – at my side. That’s less than 1 mm away. I woke Andy and both of us nervously sat very still. Andy undid the tent zip and what ever it was ran away. Whatever it was – we will never know but it did return. In the morning we found a large hole in the ground not more than 5 feet from the tent.

Shattered but ready to move on!

The day started with a wash in the nearby stream. See below. The water was icy cold but very refreshing.

It was nice to freshen up in the nearby stream.

A small snake wanted to freshen up too.

The road was mostly straight…

.. and very long and appeared to disappear into the sky! However, the 722 joined with Highway 50 and the road started to take an incline upto Austin. This was tough going as the sun beat down upon us. We stopped every 20 meters, trying to keep hydrated, sweat fell into my eyes and my body felt wet like I’d walked out of the shower.

With a final determined push we made it to Austin. We found a motel and freshened up and headed to local jewellery shop and bought a small piece of turquoise .

See the pictures below inside the ? International bar in Austin.

This is a picture of Charlie and Tom.

I’m getting to know Charlie (a local in Austin). Charlie has lived in Austin most of his life, leaving for a while but choosing to retire in a town he grew up and shared his married life in. He had really kind eyes!

We enjoyed a well earned brandy and beer with our new friends.

I’m going to leave my blog here. Enjoy your day, it’s time for me to go to sleep because I’ll be up for 0600 hrs to cycle to Eurika.


  1. Keep going Tracey, you’re both doing brilliantly. I’m enjoying reading about your progress. Great you’re meeting so many new friends (+ not too many bears) 😉 take care of each other xx

  2. Ha – it sounds like a friendly local bear was after your supplies. More exciting adventures – although Andy’s description on his blog of going out naked to investigate rather spoiled the picture! That small snake you saw had been talking to her friend the previous night. She said ‘SSSSidney are we the type of snake that wraps itself around its victim and crushes it to death or are we the type that has deadly venom that bites and poisons its victim? ‘ ‘Why do you ask?’ replied SSSSidney. ‘Well’ she said ‘I’ve just bitten my tongue!’

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