Carson City to Fallon

3rd June

Cycling day 8

65 miles

So we left Carson City after breakfast and joined highway 50. This was important as the road will be home for at least 4 days now. Probably as a result of new road build highway 50 is very quiet later on but is still busy in Carson.

As we left, the traffic thinned out significantly. Not long out of Carson a pickup truck pulled alongside us. The English accent was lovely to here too, this friendly guy was called Wayne. Then moments later another another truck pulled up ahead and came to see us. He was another UK expat called Donny from Northern Ireland who is proud of his roots. This became apparent when Donny invited Wayne, Andy and myself back to his home. Donny wanted to show us his flags both national and military along with photos from his service. Jerry his wife originally from Hawaii took care of us and offered a cold drink & took the photo you see of us. We needed to get back on the road, so we said our goodbyes.
We stopped for some Mexican food in Dayton and looked over the road plan. We needed to push on with the miles so we made a decision to push the days ride an extra 20 miles to Fallon as it was pretty flat and we need to keep the distances up.
Shortly after we’d set off down the 50 once again we got pulled over a few miles later by a kind and helpful man called Bruce. This was a welcomed stop because Bruce gave both of us cold Gatorade. We chatted a while till we excused ourselves. He did catch us further down the road and again offered cold refreshments.
Back on the heat shimmering road that is the 50. Definitely less Traffic now as we head past Silver Springs.
Just outside our destination and in the blazing heat (8 miles out of Fallon ) we had a flat. Andys back wheel needed fixing but we had the tools and this was sorted pretty quickly. Fortunately before heading out here we’d been given maintenance lessons and bought inner tubes before the trip. We salute you : Mark,Dave, Tristan, Andrew & Paul (Big Red Bike Co , Harrogate), you saved us today.
Andy fixed the the puncture mostly independent from me. But just as he finished putting in a new tube a car pulled in. A driver pulled alongside with a passenger. I asked for their names ‘Brad and Hannah’ as he greeted us and asked where we were staying and when we said we had nothing planned he very kindly offered to put us both up for the night. I can’t think of many people who would be this kind and trusting.
With Brad and his daughter Hannah???s signposting we found their home where we met his lovely wife Stacey. We were offered to shower, given some home cooked food and our clothes were washed. They are very kind people!
What an unexpected day’s events with meeting lots of lovely people. Tonight we sleep soundly in our tent on Bead and Staceys lawn and weve even been given a soft pillow from their home. Bliss.

On the road to Fallon

Brad and Stacey in their lovely home

The fixing!

Andy, Donny, me and Wayne

Highway 50


    1. Thanks Hayden and Ruth. The internets been terrible- sorry for the late reply! We are having plenty of daily challenges with high elevations and the heat! We are doing our best and take each day – day by day. More elevation tomorrow and camping in the Nevada. ????

  1. Amazing sky in that first picture. Hope you didn’t forget to check the tyre for sharps before you put the new tube in buddy! Get another spare at the next bike shop too! You are really doing well. Go Wiggo Go Daisy !

    1. Yes the sky is impressive. Imagine what the sky looks like at night! It’s amazing.
      Andrew you wouldn’t have guessed but Andys had 2 flats! He had another toady. Poor Wiggo but Daisy is still doing well. Andys good at changing the inner tube!!
      We are going to get more tubes to replace the others. The thing is there are few places to buy new tubes – we’re looking at around another 200 miles before seeing another bike shop ????

  2. I think you keep finding nice people, so get use to it. Just reminder you will have several steep climbs interspersed on highway 50 until you get to the Utah border. Enjoy Big Basin National Park.

    1. Yes we’ve had a steep climb from Middlegate to Carols Summit. The elevation was higher than our original plan. We chose 722 over the 50 which meant the decent was better. We’ve arrived in Austin! It was a hot day today.

    1. Yes Douglas, we’ve finished the 1st map. We miss California! and we miss you too!!Nevada is very different- the open plains with the high temperatures have been a huge challenge.

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