Cedar City to Panguitch

Cedar city to Panguitch ‘Trust Your Journey’
Up @ 0500

Day 17

63 Miles
The alarm went off this morning all too soon not just because I would have liked to stay longer in bed but because I didn’t want to leave 2 people. Vicki and Rory. I felt sad but this isn’t a goodbye.

We need to stay focused on the cycle across the USA. We have set out to cycle across 14 states, well actually 12 because we’ve ticked California and Nevada off the list.

Both Vicki and Rory got up early to help us on our way. After breakfast Vicki gave me our clean laundry, she also gave me this lovely Cedar City Cycling top which I now wear with great pride. It will always remind me of these lovely people.

The plan today was Rory was going to take us to the start of the climb and then we would be on our way to Panguich. The Western Express cycle map suggested we take the intersection with the Grand Canyon Connector and Utah Cliffs Loop. This was going to be a tough climb….

A 12 mile climb from 6000ft to 10000ft made me nervous but it actually turned out to be much more like 18 (Rory we will never allow you to forget this), with a further climb that wasn’t discussed. The road was treacherous, with very little and in some places no hard shoulder for us to ride in. Lorries, camper vans and trucks only centimetres away. We even had people wanting us off the road – pointing and shaking there heads. I was scared and wobbled a few times!
However, ? we managed to reach the top of the 1st climb and turned a corner and then another climb stood in front of us. There was a silver lining because that’s when we we met Mike. He was sitting on the ground resting because he’d taken the same route and his knees started to hurt. Reluctantly he took some anti inflammatories from me, but they helped as Mike joined us all the way to Panguitch with little discomfort. After talking to him it turns out Mikes plan is to cycle to Pueblo, Colorado.

We stopped off at Cedar Breaks National Monument. This was on our route. Please take a look at the picture.

The best part of my day was when a motorbike drove past and I swore it was Vicki and Rory. I was sure that Vicki turned and looked. I was sure! But they continued until I couldn’t see the bike. Andy said because they didn’t stop I must be mistaken.

Finally we made it to Panguitch. Tired, hot and a little dirty. The town had quite a few motels with vacancy a but they were expensive. Around $95! We left one motel and went along the main street looking for a better price. Then..

I heard someone shout my name. At first I couldn’t see where it was coming from but then Vicki came towards us. It was lovely!! So I was right Vicki and Rory passed us earlier. We planned to meet up after we sorted a room. Finally we got a great room @ Marianna’s guest house. Andy called Vicki, Rory and they came to see us, bringing 2 friends along. It was lovely to see them and a huge surprise and I’m so touched by how special they are!

Vicki gave me a bracelet.

Vicki I will wear my bracelet with pride and as I’m writing this I hope you can see that I’m thinking of you.


  1. Go Daisy Go Wiggo ! You are eating up the miles now. Great idea to wear that yellow jersey your lovely pal gave you. I have carried out a detailed and lengthy study of the stamina and riding styles of all the past winners of the Tour de France and found that their secret seems to lie in one thing – their choice of clothing ! They all wear a yellow shirt !

  2. Tracey, it was a pleasure to have you and Andy as our guests. What fun to share a small part of your big adventure! I truly hope we will all meet again sometime. You have inspired me to add just such an adventure (perhaps not on that big of a scale) to my bucket list. I look forward with anticipation to your and Andy’s blog posts.

  3. Tracey, I am slow to reply, but want you to know that your blog entry really touched me! I feel honored and proud to be even a small part of this journey you are on. Meeting the 2 of you is definitely one of the highlights of my 2016 Summer. I just hope we will cross paths again one day. God speed to you both!

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