Cimarron to Parlin, Colorado?

54 ? Miles

We all woke @ 0500 and we were very tired and would have preferred to stay in bed.

For a bit of fun I teased Mike this morning about his Hawaii holiday that he’s taking in a couple of weeks with Maggie (his girlfriend). He was lying on his bed with his eyes closed and I said ..

‘Mike it’s time to wake up, you’re in Hawaii with Maggie, this is all a bad dream, you’re not cycling across America and you can relax.’ Mike went along with this and pretended that he’d woken up from a nightmare.

The ride today started by climbing to 9000ft from 7000ft. Staying on highway 50 all the way to Parlin. The roads were windy, mostly with good cycle pathways. See pics below.

We passed through Curecanti National Recreational Area, with pine trees, streams and as you can see below Blue Mesa Reservoir.

This evening as I’m writing the blog,a kind man gave us some of his food. Some jacket potatoes, saut??ed onions and garlic corquet. I thanked him by giving him a hug and then kissed his cheek. See his face in the picture his response was ‘no one ever does that to me’. I’m pleased and sad that he found some comfort and I wish him more to follow. Ps he’s a great cook as well as a kind man.

Another early night beckons.

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