Day off at the Grand Canyon.

I woke up refreshed this morning after sleeping in a comfortable and clean bed, and ready for my Grand Canyon day off. Im afraid of heights so today could go either way. I either can’t relax or I throw caution to the wind. This day had been planned since September 2015!

The day started with a hearty breakfast with Andy, Rory and Vicki – Rory and Vicki are 2 people whom without question opened there home to two cyclists, made us feel very welcome, took care of us. I feel blessed to have met two amazing people and I am proud to call them my friends.

After breakfast, Rory and Vicki took Andy and I to the airport to collect our car rental. We were automatically given an upgrade and decided on a bright yellow jeep. It was cute!

Andy was the named driver because I felt more comfortable being the navigator. The drive to the campsite was beautiful with different colours ingrained into the mountains. The sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly.

The plan was to stay @ Jacobs Lake campsite. This was roughly a 1 hour journey, in a car from the Grand Canyon.

As soon as we arrived at the campsite we set the tent up and decided to see the Grand Canyon by sunset. So we hot footed it, chasing the light to the Canyon. On the way we saw deer in abundance, they’re beautiful and elegant. We slowed down not to startle them and took sometime watching them.

The Grand Caynon was spectacular. However, I found it a little overwhelming because if its size and the sheer drops into the Canyons seemingly bottomless crater. The sun set on the Canyon only for a few moments until the sky blackened.
The journey to camp was slow because there were a hundred deer eyes reflected in the headlights and we watched them quietly.

Back at camp the tent was lit by a small light with stars lighting the unpolluted Sky. A beautiful night.


  1. Tracey, I absolutely loved this. Colourful prose written from the heart! What a wonderful experience you and Andy are having – you deserve it because it doesn’t come without enormous effort !

  2. I bit you were thinking, finally, some nice scenery. Hopefully, you will get to visit Zion National Park as well.

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