Dove Creek passing through Dolores, (for a bike MOT) and onto Priest Gulch, Colorado.?

Day 25
Up for 0430

60 Miles

So this morning I felt a little nauseated after the early rise, leaving Dove Creek Country inn. We only managed to get around 6hrs sleep. Note to self: Get to bed earlier.

The hills rolled up and down today. Just as you went over one another popped up. Just like a roller coaster. So my strategy today was to pedal fast down each hill and continue up the next pedalling as fast as I could. In some way this helped, sort of. The scenery was stunning.

We had a brief stop off at Coxes corner for some oatmeal (porridge) to get our energy levels up. This helped sort the nausea and the rest gave me the time to adjust to the early start. I was back on form again.

Feeling refreshed I was back to rolling Daisy’s (the bike) ? wheels on the tarmac. Heading towards Dolores.

After another 20 miles we arrived in Dolores. To date we have approximately 1300 miles on the clock, and my bike pined for an MOT and what better way to breathe life back into ‘Daisy’ than to let Nicholas Ian Tyson Jones take a look at her. See pic below.

This guy has one of the best bicycle shops in the nation as recognised by Adventure Cycling magazine.

He is best known as ‘The Fixer’ and the owner of Lizardhead cyclery, Dolores, Colorado. Whilst in the shop a 73 year old guy and tri athlete said ‘This guy is the best at this job’.I have every confidence that my Dawes Karakum touring bike is back in shape!

I’ve taken a photo from a newspaper article as proof of Nicks celebrity status. With new break pads, chain and tyres I feel prepared and maybe I could even take on the Rockies!

The service took 3 hours (3 bikes) and we missed lunch! This made our ride a long day with being up since 0430. I started to flag and there was still another 25 miles to cycle including a climb!
Finally, we made it to Priest Gulch campground. We’d booked a cabin and as you can see this was cute. As we arrived we were approached by some friendly people from the next cabin asking if we would like some food. How lovely of them! Chicken, rice, beans and salad.

Our beautiful cosy cabin will be our home tonight.

Soon after I had a shower and then lights out @ 21:30 and alarm set for 0430.

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