Ely to Bakers Nv

77miles hot and very windy!
Day 14
Up at 0500 and on the road for 0600 till 1830

We left Ely early to cover some distance before the day became super hot (It’s really hot, not much later than 0900).

I took this picture of the Nevada Motel sign the day before but the numbers are high!

We were on the road around half an hour and we came across a cyclist called Gunnar from Sweden. ? Nice chap and we had a chat about his touring plans. His plans are open ended with thoughts of cycling to Canada. We said our goodbyes with a hug and off we went. Take care Gunner.

The road to Baker wrapped around the local countryside in a snake like manner. Some climbing. See below.

The scenery was spectacular. Just look at the mountains. This picture was taken on the way to Majors Junction – 30 miles from Ely. We wanted a coffee or a cup of tea but they only serve bar drinks. So a coke it was.

Whilst Andy and were sitting outside Majors Junction on the veranda looking over the Adventure cycling map, a chap called Jeff Shoemake cycled towards us, looking wiped out Jeff explained that the head wind towards MJ made his ride difficult.

He told us we’re looking at a hard 5 mile climb to Sacramento Summit and it was! The wind pushed us along part of the way but this changed direction. The head wind became quite dangerous pushing the bikes sideways and making it difficult to move forwards.

Shattered and hot, we arrived into Baker and our priority was to buy a cold drink. There’s a very nice cafe / store in Baker and my dream came true in the form of a berry smoothy -this was delicious. Baker is a nice and tiny town with a population of 400 people. The road out of Baker allows you to access the Great Basin National Park.

After our cold drinks we left the cafe and pushed on another 8 miles arriving in Garrison, were we thought we’d find the Border inn. Soon realising the Border Inn wasn’t were we thought it was we cycled another 8 miles back to Baker. At this point we were very tired.

When we arrived in Baker Andy arranged and paid $11 for a tent spot @ Whispering Elms campsite. Between us we put the tent up, I went for a shower and instantly felt better but ready for an early night.

Relaxed and sitting at a picnic table talking about the day a friendly lady called Val from Salt lake City came over to say hello. Offering some homemade banana pie, and she also asked if we’d like to go star gazing with her family. How could we refuse? All I can say is the star gazing was amazing, with no light pollution looking through the telescope we saw Saturn, the moon and Jupiter. We were very greatful to Val and her family for sharing their evening with us.

When we arrived back at camp Val gave me some banana pie and some bananas and apples for both of us. How lovely!

After eating my pie ( in the tent ) I soon fell fast a sleep.

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  1. Top Banana! Riding your bikes. Amazing views. An evening with the stars. Living the dream but working so hard in the process. I saw wind on my weather app and just hoped it would be behind you. There is a saying in cycling that there are only two types of wind – no wind and wind against you.
    You are still doing great and eating up the miles and the banana pie by the sound of it.
    What do you call two banana skins lying on the floor? A pair of slippers!!!

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