Escalante to Boulder, Utah is beautiful but challenging?

Day 19

25 Miles

Up for 0500 and arrived 1400hrs

As you see from the road map below, the road from Escalante to Boulder on highway 12 there are many twists and turns with many amazing views (see above). What you can’t see are the elevations and there are many with exceptional views. I just needed to keep focused, pedal hard and drink lots of water because it’s easy to loose my strength and dehydrate!

I can’t give in and I’ve ? got to remember that life can bring difficult challenges, and this challenge will hopefully save someone’s life with the MSF fundraising.

I was ready for today’s challenges..

Looking out onto the roads ahead I could ? see the twists and turns and open country with some roads disappearing behind expected climbs that lay ahead us. As the road name ‘hells backbone’ suggests this was curved like a spine and brought large drops beside the road.

I forgot to mention earlier today Andy had a bike malfunction. This changed our plans for today’s ride because we intended to cycle to Torrey. The delay would have meant cycling in the hottest part of the day. The delay cost us around 1 hour. Just as we were pulling out of Escalante. His rear wheel was making an odd sound. One of the spokes had snapped! See below. Andy called the Big Red Bike Company In Harrogate and spoke to Paul (our best friend today) and Paul guided Andy to get us back on the road. Thank you Paul.

So, Andy, Mike and I decided to stay in Boulder. A early finish for a change but it doesn’t really affect our plan as we will add the miles onto tomorrow’s journey.

Tomorrow, climb to Torrey and on to Hanksville.


  1. Sorry to hear of the spoke set-back. Hope for you an early start and good ride tomorrow as you make up the miles….. Looking good in that jersey, Tracey! You are both so inspiring! Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Hi Tracey

    We spoke briefly with you in Middlegate in the evening..

    You were not so sure that you could make it across Nevada. Of course you could! Thank you for your interesting reports. We wish you many more and safe miles!

    Arnold and Marieke ( the New Zealand cyclist)

    (We are now in northern California on the way to Vancouver).

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