Eureka to Ely

Eureka to Ely? Day 12

77 miles

We were up for 0500 after a restful sleep but I wanted to stay cosy and ? tucked up in bed.

We knew there weren’t going to be any services for 77 miles – so we packed plenty of water. It was going to be another scorcher.

The day started with a skyscraper climb. We took this climb steadily because our legs still hurt from the previous days. But we always seem to manage.

The route to Ely.

In my thoughts today I felt a little sadness, I was thinking back to yesterday about Charlie whom I met in Austin. I left a part of my heart there with him. See another picture of all of us together.

Charlie ????

Getting back to today. We climbed 4 Summits – Pinto, Pancake, Little Antelope and Robinson. Cute names but they’re not as timid as they sound. Mostly the climbs were 1000 ft up and down to each Summit.

Even though we found the climbs tough, with each climb there’s a down hill and the final decent into Ely was much appreciated.

After 77 miles in the heat (87 degrees F) ???? I was ready for sleep! and that’s what happened.

Unfortunately, I’ve picked up an injury from today. As it turns out I’ve got a tendon problem with my right little finger and I can’t straighten it or bring the finger back to meet the others. See the picture. It looks odd!

My crazy finger!

When we arrived in Ely, we looked around for a cheap motel the White Pine Motel ticked the boxes – cheap at $39 night. A little worn around the edges but good enough.

? Ely Main Street

On route to Ely we decided to take a rest day tomorrow. We need a rest. We’ve put a lot of ourselves into the fundraising cycle ride, and our legs and bodies are tired. It was a mutual decision and to remain strong it was a wise one. On the other hand, there maybe some others who take the easier way out..

I’ve got a small gripe about some people we passed on the way to Ely. Something I feel strongly about and that’s integrity. ? We came across some guys and after we chatted, they seemed good, honest and passionate about their mission. I’ll keep who they are anonymous. They are walking West to East across the states to raise awareness. The thing is we passed them (and remember they’re walking). We cycled up a Summit puffing away and there they were getting out of a vehicle at the top. Well, I wasn’t impressed! Gripe over..
Andy was hungry so I got myself up and went to Hotel Nevada for some food. I couldn’t manage a lot but Andy scoffed a big pizza. Ely Main Street was quiet and with most of the shops boarded up. I was soon fast asleep.Looking forward to a lie in????.


  1. Hope you have a good sleep and restful day. Long hot bath needed to ease the muscles.
    Keep up the good work, how many have you done it total now?

  2. Oh Dear your poor finger. Still – what did your other fingers say to your crazy finger? Don’t worry, we’re still in glove with you!
    Ha ha as the hills get steeper the jokes get worse.
    That last stage looked absolutely mindblowing and your are both absolute stars for completing it. You do right to rest and gather your strength – I hope Wiggo and Daisy are still behaving themselves. Don’t forget to give all the bolts on the pannier racks a check to make sure still nice and tight.

  3. You are doing great, we are very proud of the both of you.
    All your niece’s and nephew’s are following your and Andy’s blog’s.
    Keep going and when going up the hills always remember ” What goes up must come down” good luck for both of you.
    hugs and kisses love Mum and Jeff xxxx????????

    1. Thanks mum and Jeff ??????

      We are trying really hard, every day there’s a challenge. You know that I love all of the kids and I miss them lots but I hope they can see that if Aunty Tracey can do this, then they can too!

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