Fallon to Middlegate Station?

Day 9

50 miles of heat and sweat on highway 50

Or should I have said Fallon to the middle of nowhere, (See the picture below) on the western express route to Middlegate, passing Salt Wells Basin and Sand Springs Pony Express Station.

Todays journey began in Fallon at Brad and Staceys lovely home. I awoke refreshed and gleefully happy because those loaned pillows helped perfectly to rest my head. I slipped out the tent to find Stacey, Brad and Andy talking, drinking fresh coffee and putting the world to rights. These guys have given us not only a safety net ? by offering food, shelter and other home comforts for the night but most importantly they gave us friendship. Brad, Stacey and Hannah if you come to the UK you’ve got a place to stay.

Our goodbye this morning.

So we said our goodbyes (sadly but we are now facebook buddies) and we were on the road to Middlegate around 9:30.

The road to Middlegate seemed to be never ending like the saying goes ‘it’s as long as a piece of string’ you just don’t know were the end is going to be. The road also appeared to evaporate due to the heat, shimmering like water.
Did I mention the heat! I couldn’t seem to quench my thirst or cool down. Andy asked me to take my helmet off and without knowing what he was going to do – he poured water over my head. This helped but it evaporated not long after. Thank you Andy!

After some more frazzling heat, we arrived at Middlegate Station, ? a little drained but happy to survive the journey. My 1st impression of the Staion was like stepping back into the Wild West in the 1800’s. See what you think…

My view of Middlegate Station from the veranda around 18:00hrs

Middlegate Station deck area. The neon sign maybe modern but you could imagine a Clint Eastwood or John Wayne movie being made here.

I’ll pop the postcards in one of these.

This car was found in Nevadas hills and brought down to Middlegate Station. Someone in the 1930s couldn’t afford the fuel and abandoned it.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting on the veranda, the suns heat has passed, the bikes are fastened close by. I am regaining some strength and having a welcome rest!

I will leave you with this picture of my view this evening of Middlegate Station. Goodnight and god bless or rather ‘you enjoy your day y’all’ .. Because you’ll be starting your day as mine is coming to an end.


  1. Your pictures are stunning, you will have to get them printed into a book when your home.
    Keep up the good work, lots of love us lot x

  2. Andy will always be able to say that he cycled across America with a really hot girl !
    Phew sounds incredible! Mind you Skipton is forecast sunny from dawn to dusk tomorrow and I’m off to ride a sportive in t’Dales – it will be like a walk in the park for you guys now though.
    Keep on keeping on and I am really loving your blogs.

    1. Thanks charmer ???? – Andy agrees???? With you!
      I hope you have a good ride out and enjoy the sun.When I get back I’m looking at getting a road bike. Our load makes the ride tough – especially up hills.

    2. Andy agrees with you…????
      Enjoy you ride out whilst the suns out! Both Andy and I said ( earlier today) that we would really appreciate a overcast day. The heats high!!

  3. Posting this on the same feed ad you must be in the desert and out of signal. Oh Boy my respect has just got even greater for you two (when it was already massive). I did 39 miles in the Dales today in blistering English sunshine – yes it does exist! I don’t think it was closer than 10 degrees to what you have been doing but I thought my head was going to cook! The sun must be the biggest drain – that’s not even to mention the terrain and the load you are both carrying. Just Magnificent what you are doing!!

    1. Firstly,thank you for your kind support. Yes we know what it feels like to cycle in the heat. Secondly, we frequently feel cooked and becoming dehydrated is very easy out here. The Nevada has had its challenges with the high temperatures because there’s little cover to hide under. The ride from Fallon to Middlegate was awful! My head went dizzy and there was this open space with miles ahead of us with blistering heat. Both
      Andy and I struggled! Every time you breathed in the air made your throat dryer.
      As soon as we arrived in Middlegate Andy went straight to the fridge and drank 2 litres of fluids.
      We both miss you!

    2. The signal keeps dropping. Ive tried replying a couple of times ????
      Yes the signal in the Nevada desert isn’t great. We cycled from Fallon to Middlegate and the sun gave us a tough day. When we breathed in the warm air made your throat really dry and it was difficult to swallow. When we arrived in Middlegate Andy went straight to the fridge and drank 2 litres of fluids.
      Your right – the Suns our biggest drain! The terrains been difficult at times – the elevation today from Carols summit to Austin wasn’t too bad until that last 5 miles. Then we struggled because of the elevation mixed in with the heat. So we know what it feels like to cook. My legs are burnt ????

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