Hanksville to Hite, Utah

Day 21

50 miles

Up 0600 cycled until 1800

So today we had an early 0430 rise to start the day and beat the winds and heat in Glen Canyon. This was expected to be in the high 90’s and with head on winds of around 30mph.
However, best plans sometimes fail. This was because whilst sorting the panniers I noticed that Andy had a flat back tyre and this held the ride up but only for around half an hour. Half an hour can make a huge difference.
Unfortunately, the wind came fast and hard and with elevation levels below 3000ft, the ride today was going to get very hot. Both the head wind and heat made today a tough ride. I really struggled to hydrate! Look at the forecast..

The canyon was rugged and not as intact as Reef Canyon, which we’d seen the day before. But it was amazing and the Canyon towered above, dwarfing us all like Giants.

We persevered with the winds but this made us very tired, I felt nauseated and drained.Because of this, the ride was longer than expected. We had 1 hour until the convenience store closed, with little food left we really needed to get there in time.
Fortunately, we arrived in Hite and the store was open. The 1st and only thought was to hydrate and cool down. This was because the water we’d been carrying was warm and I’m sure this was making me feel unwell. We flung the convenience doors open and the air conditioning was magical. We almost bought them out of ice lollies, buying 10! Plus lots of refrigerated drinks. This was dreamy!

After eating some pasta, we pitched the tent on the Rangers veranda, with the intention of having an early night and an early start before sun rise. Get pedalling ? before the sun catches up and burns us. Lesson learnt.

The tents are up! Good night

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  1. Good luck with the heat. With the water bottles (bidons), you shouldn’t be storing water in them unless their PET number is 5. The number is printed on the bottom of bottle. This may be the reason you feel sick. I have enjoy the photos and testimony to how difficult it is to get around. I hope you don’t despair, as soon enough the mountains well give out to the plains. Hopefully there the wind will be at your back and the cornfields well roll on by. If your passing through Kansas, be happy to know that it flatter than a pancake.

    Sorry about the election results, it should be a brave new world when you return to the U.K.

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