Hite, lake Powell to Natural Bridges,Utah?

Up for 0430

Day 22
50 Miles

Up for 0430 to take advantage of the coolness of the day. However, at 3000ft it’s hot here most of the time. The clock was ticking. So…

An important job was to fill the water bottles because it’s easy to drink a litre every hour with the high temperatures.

The 1st part of the day was to cycle over Glen Canyon to a slightly lower elevation.

I felt sleepy, can you imagine cycling in the dark, and wanting to be asleep and not cycling up hills for miles. We kept each other motivated and joked about this and that. The sky was spectacular- see the picture.

We stopped for 15 minutes to eat a power bar filled with peanuts and high energy. Mike and I were sat talking when a swarm of bees flew towards us. The swarm was loud and both Mike and I got up asap, moving out of their way. This was scary.

We arrived in Natural Bridges at about 1500 hrs after cycling up and over hills around. We called into the visitors centre with a fancy for some nice food but soon realised they have absolutely nothing to eat or drink. We were disappointed but they have a cold water drinks machine. This was great.

We managed to take a look around the Natural Bridge park after catching a lift with some kind people. They were from the Navajo Tribe. The park was beautiful! It was just a shame that the journey to Natural Bridges made me too tired to appreciate the real beauty.

We went to bed around 2100 hrs because its going to be another early morning tomorrow. There wasn’t any need for sleeping bags, just the liners will do because of the high temperatures in this area.

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