Middlegate to Carolls Summit

Day 10 0900-1400hrs

20 miles east from Middlegate Station.
Today we set off later than expected due to Middlegates wifi being temperamental both last night and this morning and we wanted to upload our blogs before setting off. The late start means that we have to cycle in the full heat of the day.
This morning we had 2 choices of route, either take the County road 722 or stay on Highway 50 both of which would join together again leading into Austin, our next destination. We’ve found that talking to the locals about their local area is the best practice in this situation. The County road 722 would start with a steep climb up to 7000 from 4000 ft but this would be more scenic and with some shade plus the climb would be out of the way, with a good decent. Alternatively, we could remain on the 50 which has more traffic, a couple of smaller climbs and is not as scenic with little shade.
So with this in mind we took the County road 722 to Carolls summit. The climb was steady but over the day we made a 3000 ft rise. Our intention was to reach the summit and wild camp.
On our way to the County road we chatted to an Italian man who’s on holiday in the USA. He told us he’d stayed at Middlegate Station too and noticed both Andy and I this morning. We chatted about the route we were going to take, a few stories from our adventures and about why we were doing the cycle ride. I can’t remember his name but this lovely Italian man offered us some ice cold drinks. I hope he gets back in touch so we know his name. He was like our angel today because he also met us half way up the summit with more water. We were carrying 7 litres each which is very heavy but it was rationed because it needed to cover us until tomorrow lunchtime.We were very grateful. We took a picture of us all together.

When we arrived at Carolls Summit there wasn’t anywhere suitable to pitch the tent. So we started to decend and then found an abandoned house with a garden area plus a shallow stream close to our pitch for the night.

We needed to relax and hydrate today because the heat from Fallon to Middlegate Station exhausted both of us. After pitching the tent Andy cooked and I sorted the mattresses and we watched Ted 2.

Bedtime was a lovely 2100hrs – I hope we get some good sleep tonight.

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  1. Didn’t know you were blogging as well, Tracy. So fun reading .and seeing you and Andie’s great pictures!

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