Milford to Cedar City, Utah

Day 16

53 miles

Slept until 0900 – that’s a 1st and on the road for 1100

So the day started leisurely with breakfast at the Oak Tree inn diner. Breakfast included huge amounts of carbs to give me some payback from all the spent calories from yesterday’s trip. Inclusive of 2 plates of food including 2 pancakes with syrup, hash browns,bacon, 2 eggs and 2 sausage rounds. I left a pancake, but ate everything else.

I was now prepared and ready for the road! However, it started with a gale and pouring rain. So we waited until it passed over and then started cycling.

The day was overcast one minute and then sunny but mostly the sky was grey today. See the picture below. I actually loved the coolness because it’s been really hot. However, the headwind began around 30 mins into the ride. This was mentally damaging because like yesterday, cycling @ 3 miles an hour is no fun! It was draining and I felt physically sick because of the effort. The wind would settle for a while then start up again and so on.

We climbed around 6700 ft to a Summit. I had no problem with this but the descent was hampered by the gale. Soul destroying but there was no room to feel sorry for myself. Instead I thought of other USA cycle days, days such as meeting lovely people like Douglass and Brad. This kept me going,pushing against the head on gale. It was horrible!

As we reached Cedar City there was a guy sat by the roadside. I asked him if he knew of anywhere to stay and the reply was that he’d waited for us and would like to offer us a place at his house for the night. How kind and we immediately accepted the lovely gesture. We were given directions to Rorys ? home. Rory, Vicki (Rorys wife) and Reed (their son) are all ? genuinely kind hearted people. We were made to feel very welcome, with our tummys full and some good conversation we said our good nights. I’m really tired and have nodded off as I’m writing this.

Thought from today. It’s nice to have faith in people.

Overcast and windy.

Same picture but looking through a looking glass.

Have a great day and hugs to all of you and drive and cycle together safely.


  1. So lovely to hear about people’s kindness, it’s truly inspirational. Great to read your blog , it really is a journey of a lifetime
    Keep pushing on

  2. Oh my! Sounds like a mega breakfast of pancakes followed by a crepe day with too much wind! ???????? .
    You two have the spirit and the will to get you up Everest on a bike – absolutely in awe of what you are doing and so happy that there are some nice people looking out for you too. Keep on keeping on.

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