Natural Bridges to Blanding, Utah

Up at 0430 to beat the heat! Expected 102 degrees Fahrenheit
Day 23

35 Miles Uphill

The plan was to get going early before the sun rises because 102 degrees would melt us like a popsicle! We have been here before and made our mistakes (Hite, Utah). We were on the road until around 1300hrs and felt hot but it could have been a lot worse.

The most important thing was to think about hydration.

So, the 1st thing following packing the tent, was to drink a litre of water. The heat didn’t switch off last night and we all woke up drenched. We pulled all stops out and pedalled up to Salvation Knoll Summit @ 7110 ft. Though, I’ve got to say this wasn’t too difficult compared to Black Messa Butte @ 6014 ft. The climb was very steep as opposed to gradual with the 1st hill this morning. The climb was so steep that we needed to cycle about 50 feet and then get off and walk because the gradient was too difficult.

Finally, we made it to Blanding, as usual we were hot, dirty and hungry and ready for some good food and a nice relaxing sit down. I also wanted to write some postcards.

So we went on a ramble around Blanding. First we found the bakery, then a Mexican both were recommend to us by some cyclists that we’d met when we left Hanksville. So lunch was burritos and cake, followed by ice lollies.

Andy tried calling Katy and Ron, some long standing friends of Vicki and Rory. They had offered to put us all up for the night. Unfortunately, Andy couldn’t make contact but we entertained ourselves by going to the dinosaur museum. We saw the sign earlier, when we came into the city. This was great but I nearly fell asleep when I sat down on a bench, but as you can see I got startled when this dinosaur looked straight at me.

Not long after leaving the museum we were sitting at the gas station, when Katy stopped by.

Katy is a lovely lady and she let us know her address. We soon cycled to a beautiful old wooden house. Where we met Ron and had a great evening together. After we showered, Ron and Katy took us for a drive showing us monument valley through the binoculars. Later Ron got the quad bikes out and we all went for a spin around the field. These people are very genuinely lovely.
Because we were all so tired, we all had an early night. Tonight we had a comfortable bed and our clothes were clean. We were so greatful!


  1. Some super networking by you guys – lovely people indeed!
    I know why that dinosaur was angry – he didn’t like your Specialized top. He’s suggesting you should get a different one -‘Why don’t you Try Sarah’s Tops?’.

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