Panguich to Escalante, Utah?

Day 18

68 Miles

The days cycling started around 0700 and finished around 1800

We took highway 89 to Escalante and as you can see in the 1st picture we cycled passed The Grand Staircase. This National Monument is beautiful. Nearly 3,000 square miles of sun-drenched Utah backcountry spread out well beyond the visible horizon from the road.

The Grand Staircase.

We continued cycling but stopped to walk around 500 meters from the road to visit this crystal clear waterfall. It was hidden gem and a great find. I couldn’t resist touching the coolness of the water.

The road into Escslante rolled along, curving gently around the mountains.

There was 1 final climb which elevated to 7600ft and was tough with the heat and aching legs. I was fortunate to have some cold water given to me by a road maintenance man who knew the efforts needed…

.. Yes I was proud to achieve the challenge of the day…

… Very proud!

We arrived in Escalante tired, dirty, hungry but relieved to have a good rest. The tent will be our home tonight and an early night because tomorrow there’s going to be plenty of hills to climb!


  1. Climb every mountain Ford every stream – soon you’ll find your dream. I think you’re living it already! Lucky you’ve got Mr Spokey Dokey Dennis with you too! What a star!

  2. I think you’ll find that reflective safety vest you are wearing a life safer. I would think there is hardly any shoulder were your riding, but traffic is hopefully lite. Good luck with the climbing.

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