Placerville to Pleasant Valley Cimarron, Colorado

Before I tell you about today I thought I should let you know about an incident from last night in Placerville. It started around midnight when we were woken by a thunderstorm. Well that’s what we thought because of the pounding on the tents. Andy went out to investigate and soon realised out tent was next to a water sprinkler. These things can go on and on all night but unfortunate for Mike who was in his tent next to us he had pitched right on top of a sunken sprinkler. When it came on its force raised his mattress & woke him up. This was all unexpected because these things are hidden in the ground. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more! Sorry Mike but it was funny.

Today 74 Miles

Day 27

So the day started with a climb to Dallas Divide @ 8970 ft. This was one of today’s climbs – fairly steady and gradual and very beautiful. The Rocky Mountains are now visible. See below.

On the decent from Dallas Divide I picked these beautiful flowers. I’m going to dry them out and keep as a memory. The Colorado hillsides are covered in them.

We had two climbs today before descending into Cimmaron and the second, Cerro Summit @ 8000ft. This took plenty of grit to get up, partially because we ran very low on water, the day was long, it was hot and highway 50 was extremely busy with traffic.

As you can see below, I was shattered when we arrived in Pleasant Valley.

Today many American people stopped us and mentioned today’s opt out of the European Union. Whatever happens because of this vote lets hope we remain a strong and united nation and I promise, with your support to make you proud of me.

Everyday I fly the Union Jack flag and the American Stars and Stripes out of respect, I am proud to be British and like I said ‘Come along for the ride’ – with California, Nevada and Utah in the bag the state of Colorado is well and truly underway.

The story continues ..

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  1. Pitching your tents on sprinklers – I have only just stopped laughing. Sounds like the gentle revenge of the administrators of the public park! What do you call a waterfall that goes upward? Viagra Falls! Keep on peddling you are doing great!

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