Priest Gulch to Placerville, Colorado.

Day 26
48 Miles and very hilly.
The day started too early @ 0430 so with the alarm reset for another half hour I slept a little more. With Lizard Head Pass @ 10,222ft to climb we needed as much rest as we could get.

The Colorado temperature and scenery has vastly changed with trees, flowing streams and snow capped mountains compared to Dove Creek with its temperatures in the 90’s and dry grasses, just 2 days ago.

The Rocky Mountains have arrived and they are beautiful, with waterfalls and yellow flowers scattering the meadows.

Life on the road isn’t glamorous but it does make you feel alive. My lunch overlooking Lizard Head Mountain.

So tonight all 3 of us, are hanging around in the park in Placerville. The sign clearly says day use only and no camping. However, there’s no harm in trying to pitch up here and there’s a sink and toilet, the alternative would be a campground with just a toilet 2 miles off our route.

We are comfortable, with a movie to watch and we’re going to try our luck and pitch the tent, just as it goes dark.
Fingers crossed that we can stay here. We are very happy here.

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