Pueblo, Colorado – Our Rest Day ‘Spot of Tea’…?

Today we rested, ‘Daisy’ (my bike) is resting too. The pedalling ? can wait until tomorrow because today we will be mostly sitting.

It’s been 14 days since we’ve taken a rest and we certainly needed to kick back and hang up the cycling shorts!

Day 32

The biggest thing today was saying our goodbyes (for now) to our old mucker Mike, otherwise known as Mikey or Michael.

Our farewell at the greyhound coach station was upsetting for Andy and I. Note to Mike; we shared the best and worst of times on the road. It’s not as glamorous as the internet says it is but its worth it. You made me (us) laugh until our bellies hurt!

You stayed with us from Cedar City to Pueblo and these memories we will treasure. We met Mike on the 15th June. See the pic of our first ride together. Cedar City to Panguich, Utah.

We love you matey. Be inspired, Andy will try and stay patient and I will keep my faith. Mike, Andy, we will always have Hite! See pics below of our happy memories of Hite.


Maggie you’ve got a cracker there. We would really like to meet you!

Tonight, Andy and I are filling up on lots of calories and plan an early night ready for our ride tomorrow.

Up for 0430!


  1. Ha Ha – that picture of you guys in Hite looks like the aftermath of a student party! Tracey you are sleeping on the table, at least Mike is showing a bit of decorum by sleeping on the seat! Brits on tour! You have been lucky to find such an affable companion to share the road for a while. More adventures lie ahead – can’t wait to hear about them. Take care to wash any stray beetles out of your hair – that last one was clearly an ‘itch-hiker’ .
    The ‘origami’ collection box in the shop is almost full – better get the glue and scissors out for a new one.
    Keep going you two, you are doing a fantastic job.

  2. Hi Tracey – I have enjoyed reading about how you & Andy are single-handedly improving Trans-Atlantic relations.

    Keep up the great work! x

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