Salida to Canon City, Colorado?

Day 30

59 Miles

With the alarm waking everyone up @0500hrs the day started with us all feeling exhausted.We all need to catch up on ourselves but this is impossible with Mike having a scheduled flight back home to Oregon and Andy and I having a tight cycling schedule.

Today we are all tired but as Mike says ‘This is what we do’, and the wheels roll. The scenery changes everyday and we meet different people with amazing personalities. On our fundraiser we’ve had an added bonus as we met Mike and I am going to miss having him around… I’ve been teaching him to say ‘Would you like a spot of tea’ .. ? and he’s mastered it!

On the road early around 0530. Today we went freestyle off the Western Express Cycling route, staying on the Highway 50 towards Canon City. The intention was to cycle onto Pueblo today, cycling past Wellsville, Swissvale then onto Howard and Cosldale and staying on highway 50 towards Texas Creek instead of turning right onto unsigned CR 1A at Cotopaxi. The reason for this was to cover more distance with a more direct route.

The scenery was still amazing. However, the traffic was a lot more busy! Even with good hard shoulders the cars felt more intimidating today.

Something horrible happened today! I’d been feeling a tickle on my neck for most of the day – so I kept scratching this. I had my helmet on and just couldn’t stop this itch. Anyhow, a couple of hours later I was feeling this again so I put my fingers on the nape of my hairline and felt something like a pebble, I pulled this and in my hand was a huge beetle. ????

We arrived in Canon City around midday for something to eat with the intention of having a quick bite and pedalling on. Though, with the temperature being in the 90’s we had to be sensible because dehydration is a high risk! We drink plenty of fluid with electrolytes and try our best to keep hydrated but this isn’t easy even with a lot of effort.

So we took a room here in Canon City. I fell asleep around 1600hrs until 1800hrs. Without any effort! Then we all had some nice Mexican food with a cheeky margarita each and relaxed together in our comfortable Motel.

Mike with his margarita.

Canon City at 2130hrs.

.. and now it’s time to sleep because we’re heading to Peublo were we will be saying ‘ See you later to Mike, until another time’ ( ????)


  1. And you will be officially done with the Western Express, Congratulation in advance. Welcome the Transamerica route.

  2. Well done Tracey – must be sure to keep drinking plenty to keep you going – they say there’s only one thing better than a margarita.
    That’s TWO margaritas! Drunk in charge of Daisy?

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