South Lake Tahoe to Carson City with a visit to Genoa

Day 7 of the ride

32 miles

Leaving South Lake Tahoe around 2pm

With the car handed back to Avis four wheels is now only 2. We picked our bikes up from bike hospital. I say that because one of the bikes had a problem with its crank. Over the edge cycle hospital have mended it and put us back on the road. Thanks Sam and Codie.

Looking over the Adventure cycling map, Andy, Sam and I decided that it would be best to get the hill over 1st and then it would be steady from there. Sams a nice guy and I would highly recommend Over the Edge to anyone visiting South Lake Tahoe.

Hot hot day 62 degrees Fahrenheit! Trying my best to hydrate and I’m eating candy worms, to get me up the hill.

Today, I’ve got my nurse head on trying my best to look after Andy because he’s struggling. A combination of small targets, time to catch his breath with some hydration tonic. The remedy worked and we made it to Carson City.

Prior to reaching Carson City we visited Genoa.

Here we took a look at the oldest watering hole in Nevada. It was amazing! Plus we met some great people. We made a toast to the UK. This was Donnies idea ( far left of the picture) and Andy returned the gesture to the USA. Donnies partner Laural was as much fun as Donnie. What a hoot we had!

I passed a snake on the way to Carson City. This was on the ground and I had take my feet off the peddles ????

When we arrived in Carson City we booked a room @ Motel 6 – Andy charmed the booking lady and bagged us a discount. Bonus!

Shattered and off to sleep @ 00.05 ( you guys will be either getting up or starting work – it will be 08:05 UK time )

Have a good day ????????????


  1. Great teamworking to get through a tough day, well done both of you.

    Its so cold here -down to 10′ at boot camp yesterday. Thought we had seen the last of that chill wind across the Stray for the summer months!
    Could be a very icey swim for the bed race if it doesn’t warm up a bit!!!

    Keep strong xx

  2. Sorry for the late reply Rachel! The internets not been great. We would love some colder weather – it’s been really hot most days. I hope the bedrace team get the same water temperature as we did. It’s going to be tough if they don’t! Miss you xx

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