Centerville to Farmington, Missouri?

Day 50

45 Miles 
We said our goodbyes to Jim this morning. 

This has been a difficult part of the trip for me because I’ve met some great people like Douglas from California, Vicki and Rory from Cedar City, Brad and Stacey in Fallon, Pat and Mark in Marsgfield, Suzie , Marty, Regan and Byron from Kansas, our mate Mike from Oregan, Kevin and his dad Steve and uncle Bernie from Davis, California. 

Each of these people have brought something special to my trip and it’s always with a sad heart I say goodbye. For now anyway. 

Jimmy ???? – Hope your on Jamie’s tail! It’ll be nice for you to have a buddy to cycle with, especially through Hite, Utah! Us Trans American cyclists share a love for Hite. Good luck with that mate – and get up early!! 

Jamie if your reading this watch out for Jim – he’s only got eyes for you. Jim’s a nice guy and a lot of fun too ????

The ride from Centerville headed south west on highway 72, with the treat of going for a swim to cool down at Johnsons shut-ins State Park. 

As you can see my cycling tan is coming on a treat.

Back on the pedals, we set off cooler and refreshed (well maybe for the first five minutes) and I managed to pick up a hitchhiker along the way. These little guys are hoping on and off today. 


We had some rain mid ride near Grantville and sheltered for an hour until this stopped. 

The sun came out again! 

The ride to Farmington was easier compared to yesterday.  Very muggy but not as many hills. 

Then we came across this little man. What big teeth he has! 

What a great surprise awaited when we arrived in Farmington. Kevin, Steve and Barnie! This was lovely! We’re all staying over at Al’s hostel. 

This picture was taken on another day before Barnie came to there rescue ???? ????

Tonight the Trans Am cyclists are safely under Al’s roof. 

This is Al’s place and our home tonight. Thank you Al for keeping your door open, even though you’ve gone from this world your lovely legacy of looking after Trans American cyclists continues. 
We ( I ) will be thinking of you tonight. 

You’ve got a full house tonight. 

Sleep tight. 

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