Chester to Dix, Illinois?

Day 52

78  Miles 

Today was going to be the first day off the Trans American Cycle map. 

This was daunting. However, Andy executed the plan well and we made it to Dix. The boy did well! 

We cycled into fog this morning. My clothes stook to me, as though I’d been in a steam room with all my clothes on! I wasn’t feeling comfortable but at least it was cooler than usual. This lifted after an hour or so. We would prefer a cooler day.

The roads sometimes weren’t the best to cycle on. We had loose gravel for a couple of miles, between Oakdale to Nashville. This route allowed us to miss some of highway 51. 

We slid a couple of times and it also slowed the ride up. 

Then look who wandered over from a garden we passed. Not one but two, then three beautiful kittens. They were super friendly. 

There was corn everywhere. No were not in Kansas! It’s looking good and juicy enough to eat! 

Today the choice of food was the best we’ve had so far. Seriously, we found a cafe that sold fruit and salad. I was so excited I kept telling the waitress – ‘This is amazing’. We found the cafe in a small town called Oakdale. This is a very idyllic  and pretty place. It is a little gem that would be like walking into heaven for fellow Trans Am Cyclists! Good healthy food. Imagine all you can eat from the salad bar. It’s just that it’s not on the Trans American Cycle route!

After leaving the cafe I met a guy called Bob. He was having some food with his grandchildren. Bob came over and asked about our bikes because of the Union Jack flag. He was interested in our trip, so I gave him a business card – so he could follow our journey. Thats when he said we have the same surname. His name was Bob Hill. That’s my dads name.


After cycling for another hour or so we arrived in Richview. 

This was when we met Duane and Deedee. This meeting came about because we ran out of water and our tyres were covered in tar and small stones from sone newly surfaced road just up from their town ( we’d cycled for 10 miles on hot tar ). These lovely people have a garage and an antiques area in the shop. We were greeted with genuine kindness. Deedee cleaned my wheels whilst I helped Andy with his. 

Then we were on our way to Dix. Just another 16 miles and we arrived, all sweaty and greasy from the sun lotion. 

Unfortunately, we got to bed late because the air con was broken in our room ???? and we needed to be relocated. I’m tired! 

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