Cleves to Loveland, Ohio – mingling with the cops and popping into Cincinnati?

Day 58

Miles 51

We said our goodbyes to Monica and Gayle this morning.

I was disappointed to hear their landlord is considering selling up and these vulnerable people could be evicted. If I said the eldest tennant is in her 80’s and the youngest is an expected baby. 

These people have it tough! I loved my grandad and nana, and my nieces and nephews are my world. My heart breaks because I couldn’t let this happen to them. 

If anyone reads this and lives in America please consider offering their old clothes and some food to churches because this is how these people survive. 

I’ve seen with my own eyes how essential this is. Monica cooked meatloaf and vegetables from a donation from a church in Cleves. They would struggle without this help. 

You could even give something more and be a mentor. Some of these children have never been given the confidence to believe in themselves. Cameron cooked a meal and he was really proud of himself. 

My heart broke once again because a hug or plain kindness of saying Cameron you did a good job costs nothing. His eyes need to light up by kindness. 

We cycled around the corner from Monicas and bumped into Matthew the deputy sheriff. He cares about the people of Cleves and would be a great mentor. 

Heading East the roads were pretty clear and even without cycle lanes the traffic gave us good clearance. 

Ten miles from Cleves we cycled into Cincinnati. 

The roads into the City weren’t too busy but the route out left me holding my breath. Four lanes of heavy traffic. The Columbus parkway held no prisoners. In fact we’d cycled halfway over the bridge when we noticed a sign clearly stating NO CYCLING! We had four lanes of cars fast approaching in waves (tidal waves of traffic) heading towards us. Fiercely scary ! But we couldn’t change our minds and turn off the exits as this would mean dodging fifty or so cars ???? 

Welcome to Cincinnati. We had a blast – stopping for food and chatting to the locals. It kind of went like this (American accent) ,  ” You cycled from where, holy crap and you’re  cycling to New York,YOU MUST BE CRAZY”. 

Cycling on the right handside of the road and traffic lights are old hat now. 

After cycling over the Columbus Parkway (we made it ????), we bumped into Matthew a transport cop. He told us about a safe route out of the city. 

Our cycle route looked promising on our way to Wilmington. We met some nice people. 

Patti and Cheryl at 50 West Cycling. My cycling shorts had worn out and I bought some more here.

Steve at Smittys Bike Shop. Thank you for helping Andy sort his gearing. 

Part of the cycle route was a lovely cycle path. 

Then I had another flat. My back wheel needed a professional. This was my 2nd in two days. 

We backtracked and called into Bishops Cycles, Milford.

Our saviour Jonathan. 

We got back on the road thanks to Jonathan at Bishops Cycles. 

This guy builds wheels and knows about cycle touring bikes – an added advantage because this is the first time in ages we’ve met a cycle mechanic who has experience with touring bikes. 

He removed the old patched up tape on the inner back wheel. Removing the tape is a standard measure when unusual flats occur. I also chose to replace the back tyre because another flat would be devastating . Fortunately the rim was alright. 

J was surprised to find the rim tape hadn’t been previously removed. I told him about taking it to Madison cycle shop only two days ago. I paid them 50 bucks for this to be sorted and we’ve had two more flats since. I’ll not say what I’m thinking. 

The lost time put us in a bad situation! 

Being soaked by a flash flood and I mean soaked, plus the 30 miles still to go to Wilmington was wiped out because the roads streamed like rivers making cycling conditions unsafe! 

We desperately needed to get out of the rain and we struggled to get cars to stop snd ask for places in the area to stay. 

My flags were unhappy. I was unhappy. 

???Then we met Cory. This young man helped us to find somewhere dry to sleep. I was very greatful!

Thanks Cory. 

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