Day off in Larned, Kansas – letting my (our) hair down?

A day off to collect some strength because cycling in the heat and over a long distance, day after day takes its toll.

We were ready for a break. It’s been six days since our last rest day in Pueblo.

Today was immensely hot – 110 degrees Fahrenheit in Larned.

Last night we briefly met a charming Englishman, called Stuart.

Andy and I had suggested that it would be nice to spend sometime together.

Stuart was up for this and because of circumstances out of his control he’d been at a loose end for a couple of days. He was up for some company with some fellow Brits.

So, some much needed shade was welcomed, along with a nice refreshing cup of tea, and some fun and frolics, with a fellow Brit. As you can see below, we had a good time.

I’m not sure that The Santa Fe Trail Centre can constrain three Brits at once ????

The town of Larned.

Having a personal chat!

Tied to the track!

I spent five minutes in the cell.

Andys now in jail ..

Stuart enjoying a cup of tea?!


  1. Hi Tracey
    Here we are again @dermatology….not believing for one moment that a day off in that heat involved only a cuppa!!
    Cheryl & Legs Stewart xxx

    1. Ha!

      Well we had ice creams too ????
      I was so tired and to be honest all I wanted was a cuppa. Makes me feel like I’m at home.


  2. Welcome to the technically flatter than a pancake state of Kansas. Where one can enjoy a tea like substance (see photo), notice novel cloud formation, and become very knowledgeable of everything about corn. Enjoy, somehow.

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