Eads to Leoti, Kansas! Yes we made it to Kansas …?

79 Miles

Day 35

Up for 0530

I might be in Kansas but Daisy the bike is not ready to come home.

The flash flood that was expected overnight didn’t clear the sky and was more like a drizzle with some lightening but nothing to write home about (think that maybe a contradiction in itself).

However, the sky got darker and the wind picked up as the day progressed. The clouds almost surrounded us 360 degrees, this was a good motivation to cycle 16mph. I didn’t take a picture of the approaching storm because we just wanted to make it to Leoti, as fast as we could!

The weather report says the storm is still to catch up with us ????

As a result of our efforts we were hot and clammy all day and this was uncomfortable. So, we played music and this helped to keep us feeling upbeat.

Making it to Kansas gave us both a feeling of achievement we are very pleased with ourselves.

Highway 96 was mostly straight, with around five miles of visibility. See picture below.

We rescued this turtle from the roadside, then we found three more! These were fortunate because many don’t survive the traffic on the roads. Theyre adorable (see what you think).

Mostly, the fields are full of corn.

This fundraising cycle ride is tiring and I’m shattered and ready for an early night.

The time zone has changed and now we are 6 hours behind everyone back at home.

Goodnight all.

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  1. Another state line crossed ? You are going great guns! In fact you are both Turtley Terrific!!!
    A policeman spotted a cyclist riding along with a turtle on top of her helmet. The turtle looked very comfortable but the officer pulled the cyclist over and said ‘What are you doing with that turtle? You should take it to the zoo. The cyclist agreed. The next day he saw the same cyclist with the same turtle on top of her helmet and this time both were wearing sunglasses. He pulled the cyclist over again and said’ ‘I thought you were taking that turtle to the zoo. She replied ‘ Oh I did and we had so much fun we are going to the beach today.’

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