Eminence to Centerville, Missouri?

Day 49

 43 Miles 
Today started with a great send off at The Hawkins House B&B. 

Stanley made us breakfast fit for a king or queen with the company to match. 

Greg and Kelly are a married couple, from St Louis Missouri and these guys are genuinely kind hearted and interesting people. We talked about nursing and the USA in general. 

Because we enjoyed talking to them so much, we set off an hour later than usual. This goes against the unwritten rule of cycling. You can see from our faces how much we all got on. 

We said our goodbyes to Stanley too. A very attentive host! 
Reluctantly, we headed east on highway 106 towards Ellington. With temperatures in the 100’s it was sweltering hot. Every inch of my body was wet, with running sweat cascading into my trainers. 

This took us around two hours to cycle ten miles. This may sound crazily slow and it was but there’s one word to explain this – Ozarks!

With 15% grade climbs I was on foot! These hills have climbs which every Trans America Cyclist talks about with an element of fear and trepidation. 

Yes the dot at the top of the hill is a car!

The Ozarks can bring other problems, twenty miles from Farmington one guy pulled up beside us shouting for us to get out of his  way. 

There appears to be a correlation with impatience and pickup trucks! This is frequently blogged about!! 

The local sherif Tom Volner is aware of this and cares about Trans America cyclists. We know this because Tom pulled off the road asking us how our journey was progressing. He also sorted the Butterfly B&B for us, apologising for the grief we got from someone in his county area. A kind gesture from a good man. 

We enjoyed cooling off in Ellington, at a Mexican restaurant. This was where we met the lovely Meagan our waitress. Meagan, bless her paid for our meal because she wanted to apologise for our unwelcomed reception into her home town Ellington. This place has mostly good people! 

It was so hot today that I shivered and with temperatures up in the high 90’s it can be dangerously dehydrating and Andy struggled. ???

Another 17 miles from Ellington we reached Centerville. Tonight we are staying in the Butterfly Inn. This place has several bedrooms and we’re sharing it with Jim a New Yorker who’s heading to San Fransisco. 

We talked for hours about each other’s journeys. This was invaluable because Jim gave us the best route into New York and we passed on our tips too. He was great company! 

Our new, New Yorker friend Jim. ‘Hope you find Jamie!’ Safe journey our friend! Shame we’re going in the other direction. 


  1. This will pass, as did the Sierra, the Wasatch and the Rockies. I think there only the Appalachians left after the Ozarks, so feel proud you made it this far.

    1. The Ozarks! ???? We came and We conquered. Now we’ve left the Trans America Cycle route and heading to NY! Just left Chester, Illinois. It’s really hot!!

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