Emmanuel Lutheran Church near Walnut to Pittsburgh, Kansas

Day 45

33 Miles

Mostly very wet and windy.

Cycling started out with head on blustering winds, along with rain that felt like pins stabbing at my skin.

A slow 3 miles per hour!

Fortunately, it is going to be a short ride. This was decided last night and without knowing the weather forecast. Great!

The plan was to cycle to Pittsburgh, Kansas, and find somewhere to stay, taking tomorrow as a day off.

Finally, we arrived outside the tourist information centre in Pittsburgh. This was because we were looking for motels. We popped inside and asked about the local area, with the intention of staying in the town. Then a lady called Susie walked by and asked if we’d like to stay at her place in an apartment. We agreed immediately.

After going for a coffee, we arrived at Susie and Martins home. We were introduced to Martin when we arrived. These people are very kind.

Tonight we ? will sleep soundly and tomorrow we rest totally. We don’t intend to even leave the farm!


Martin and Susie at their home.
Martin and Susie at their home.

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