French Lick to Madison, Indiana and flat tyre numero 2!?

Day 56

 77 Miles flat tyre in a narrowly avoided downpour of rain and thunder and the nearest bike shop 70 miles away! Oh yes, and we’ve used all of our spare inner tubes ???? – let’s hope we make it without being stranded! 

Our route today was to take Highway 56 eastbound to Madison. The roads and were generally good (mostly clear of debris and at times we could cycle side by side and the traffic was generous with staying 3 feet away – I felt safe). 

Unfortunately, my back tyre went flat around ten miles out of French Lick – my 2nd flat in two days! You could assume we hadn’t done a good job yesterday but we checked and checked again and EVERYTHING seemed great. 

I’m not sure if you can see the sweat flies on the wheel? They are horrible – I don’t like them because when you stop, they appear by the hundreds. I am ashamed to say I left the wheel to Andy and I went for a walk. Guess what, they followed me! 

We got on our way after Andy sorted the flat and headed to Salem for a halfway stop break to eat and cool down. 

Soon after arriving in Salem I noticed a Thai restaurant. I was blown away!  This was because the choice of eateries so far (since California) has been Mexican, pizza or burger and fried food joints. The added bonus was it was freshly cooked to order by Sue. Yum! 

As we were ENJOYING our food. It started to rain. The thing is earlier today I was told – be careful what you wish for Miss Hill. This was because I’ve been daydreaming about cool rain (a note to my British friends and family the British weather is ingrained in our blood – we might think that we don’t like the rain but I missed the old familiar cool drop of freshness that this brings).

I wished for rain! and this is what I got –  the heavens opened up. 

So, I’m writing this blog earlier than usual whilst sitting inside, and protected. Let’s hope the air outsides cools. 

Walking back inside and sitting down with Andy – he takes my hand and massages the aching area.

Moments later.. 

Andys asleep, he’s worn out. This isn’t surprising with the amount of miles and effort we’ve both put into this ride. 

He was rubbing my hand because it’s been painful. 

Tomorrow is going to be a day to relax – send postcards to family, pop to the bike shop and go to the laundrette. On other days we cycle 7 to 13 hours depending on the terrain and only stop to snack, take a picture, have a brief chat to a local. This is physically challenging but we are motivated and determined people (I’ve met these kind of people on the road) and we are not quitters. We love the people we meet and listen to their stories, seeing new towns and sharing the American way of life and we feel all kinds of emotions – having highs and lows! 

A high today was checking to see how far we have come. Andy, Helen and Bev back at home have plotted our journey across the states and it feels like theyre with us on our journey. 

Everyone, who supports us either in the USA or back at home I just want to say WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER! Stay with us. 

Another high point today was arriving in Madison. The town is stunning. 

We met three very welcoming people when we arrived. Cory, Jesse and their beautiful daughter – sorry I had to take the photo from FB because I didn’t get to take one at the time. Lus this would have felt a little odd.

I have to say Harper ( their little girl) was the first person to welcome us to Madison. A beautiful family – as you can plainly see.

We found our home for tonight. 

The view from the River Side Inn. 

Update from our rest day in Madison. 

Yes they have the Statue of Liberty. 

The bike shop – to sort a couple of bike problems. Eric and Andy – sorry I forgot the lovely girls name. Thanks for fixing our bikes – these guys are GOOD people. 

Sending postcards. 

Yes we know about the heat wave. 

We also cycled over the Ohio river to the state line of Kentucky. 

Lanier Mansion built in 1844. 

The lady of the house.

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  1. Crikey – munching through the inner tubes! In a real emergency cut the tube completely at the point of puncture and tie each cut end – re-insert, pump and you have a temporary inner! At the very least it means you can push the bike. Haven’t commented for a while – so sorry – been off watching the Tour de France – those boys only have to ride for three weeks and you’ve done two months – you are the Queen and King of the Mountains. Go Daisy Go Wiggo you are brilliant!

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