Larned to Nickerson

Day 39

59 Miles

Up for 0700

98 degrees Fahrenheit

The ride out of Larned on highway 19 started with a gloomy sky and head on winds!

This made the ride difficult, so I plugged my earphones into an audio book called There’s no place like here by Cecelia Ahern, to block out the wind noise.

That pretty much sums things up because there really isn’t any place like being on the road, everyday our heads lay in a different town or city, and we meet new people. You could call them strangers or you can call them new friends or simply people who want to show you kindness.

Today that happened.

The first act of kindness happened with a lady who leaves a hosepipe out for passing cyclists. We were running low and the water was cold. Perfect!

The second act of kindness presented itself through a lady who served us pizza, and after asking about our journey, she asked were we were staying. We told her we were going to camp in the park but she suggested we try? the community centre because it was going to be a hot night!

However, there was an obstacle,the community centre was closed.

Therefore, the library seemed like a good place to start enquiries. Here? a lovely lady called Betty arranged for the mayor of Nickersons wife, June, to meet us.

June greeted us and said of course we could stay and generously let us into the community centre where we have made up our beds.

This was a lovely offer of kindness from a stranger, a warm hearted caring lady. See June below.

image image imageimage

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  1. I hope the wind doesn’t live up to it reputation. It be godly awful. One word advice, don’t drink water from a lawn hose. The hose is coated with a chemical that is dangerous to your health. Lovely people thou, shame about the locale.

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