Loveland to Washington Court House, Ohio?

Day 59

55 Miles 

Cycling north east on highway 22 we headed to Washington CH. The road carried us along smoothly using the hard shoulder. This disappeared at various points but the vehicles moved over as they passed us. 

Refreshments and cake or energy bars are an important part of our route planning. 

Cheesecake more than fits the bill:

Wilmington was our next stop around thirty miles down the road. 

This was were we met Nate who works at the General Denver Hotel. He welcomed us both into the hotel as a good friend would into their home. 
Andy enjoyed some food and I enjoyed looking over photos from the trip and listening to the general chatter all around me. 

Nate asked about our cycle journey and he told us about his planned move to Kansas City. We didn’t cycle through the city but Kansas definitely is full of wind! In our experience mostly northenly. Nate you’ll get use to it! 

Nate and us at the General Denver cooling down under the air conditioning and having a cold drink. 

We stopped again for a cold drink in Sabina around ten more miles from Wilmington. This was were we met Dustin. Dustins political views meant he didn’t follow the usual crowd and he’s more of a ladies man ???? 

Hydrated, we got back on the road for our final stretch to WCH. This was just a few miles away. 

The road and the sky was mostly clear.

Reaching our destination early means that we can relax for a couple of hours before turning the lights out. Movie night. 

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  1. Does passing by this history links with your our pass difficulties with Great Britain bothered you?

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