Madison Indiana to Cleves, Ohio – Another state!

Day 57

62 Miles – a rainy start but a good steady ride.

The day started with torrential rain. The heavens opened up with rain and thunder – just as well I got Andy to change the alarm to 06:30, otherwise we’d have been soaked. 

We set off on highway 421 heading north east. Then pow 10 miles down the road another flat tyre! Unbelievable because we’d taken it to be looked at only yesterday. Andys becoming a great cycle mechanic, if anyone’s hiring!

This was when we met Kathy. Both Andy and I looked up to see that a lady stopped her car to ask if we needed some help. She wanted to take us to a bike shop called Montgomerys Cyclery in Cincinnati. As we got talking Kathy told us about her UK cycling tour. She did this with her husband in her twenties and has great memories! Sadly, her husband has since passed away but she wanted to repay the help given to them from strangers all those years ago. I told Kathy I would have been two years old at the time. She laughed. And she smiled – Kathy was thinking about her late husband. 

Kathy gave us a map of Ohio and we were really greatful because it’s been tricky finding paper maps. 

We thanked Kathy for being thoughtful and got on our way. 

Please meet Kathy. 

The first fourty miles of the route was steady. Great cycle lanes with good clearance. However, this changed. Two lanes became four! Meaning more congestion. Then the cycle lane disappeared. 

It was a tight squeeze. But we were careful keeping tight to the side. Thankfully, drivers mostly moved lanes to give us more room. To be honest I held my breath for the most part of this. 

We decided to stop for refreshments just before the boarder of Ohio. This was when we met two polite young local young lads – Im guessing they are from a nice part of town, with Andrew going to a private school. 

Andrew told me about a cycling adventure he’d enjoyed with his dad. Today they’re enjoying spending time riding their bikes, as any other 16 year old young should be doing. We told them about our route – and usually it can be quite difficult to impress this age group but we did just that. 

Meet Jason and Andrew. 

Eventually, we made it to Cleves – safe and well. Arriving at Monica’s  wonderful Miami Motel. 

This is Monica. 

This lady really cares about people! She supports a lot of vulnerable people from various backgrounds and ages. 

We met most of her guests this evening and my heart filled with love for a lady who makes people feel safe! 

One story that struck me was about a young man, similar age to Andrew. Sadly, this young mans life’s been a total contrast to most of his age group. His father is a drug addict and his best friend was shot at twelve by a gang. This upset me but I held it together until later. His name is Cameron and he is a charming young man. 

Cameron and Gayle

I couldn’t believe it when he later offered me 7 dollars saying it’s not much but please give it to our charity. This could have been all he had. 

I couldn’t take this. I hugged him tight – just like my grandad use to do to me and I felt safe. 

What other young men would do this – life’s given him a tragic start. He doesn’t want other people to suffer in this world – I told him I’m proud of him! I asked him what could I do for him and he said I’d really like some pictures of the U.K. I’ll sort that. 

I wanted to share this. We saw these printed posters on the way to Cleves. I’m not a USA citizen and I’m not going to give my view on this. 

I saw this wheel today and it made me smile. 

I saw this little chap and I stroked his back – adorable even though I’m not keen on bugs. 

And I met this friendly cat today. 

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  1. Loving your blog Tracey and Ian and I are so proud of you….as are your mates at York D.H. Dermatology xxxxx

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