Marshfield to Houston, Missouri?

66 miles 

Day 47

I awoke and felt rested! This is a plus!!

Before leaving Pat and Marks, we all enjoyed breakfast and I felt ready for a day of climbing the Orzarks hills. 

Prior to leaving Pat took Andy and I to see the Amish community, just a few miles from Marshfield. We were respectful and stayed a distance away because Amish people mostly like to keep themselves unspotted from the world. We took a couple of pictures of some buildings. 

Today, the Trans Am cycle route  took us east towards Houdton, on highway 38. We stopped off at Hartsville for some food, hungry and our energy levels needed a fix. Here I bought chicken and mash potatoes with gravy, before getting back out on the bike. 

The hills just kept coming and twice I had to get off and walk because they were too steep for my lowest gears! 

Unfortunately, I had to use my pepper spray today. This happened after asking a group of people to call their dog off when it started charging towards me. Andy tried to help but the dog was on my heels and he was behind the dog. The dog eventually stopped after a long chase! These dogs can be quite aggressive to passing cyclists and to people on horse back. 

Earlier in the day a cyclist told us they’d been bitten on the ankle by a dog. They said the dog repeated attacked cyclists. Thankfully I sprayed the dog before this potentially happened to me. 

The Orzarks were tough today. My legs did some very hard peddling! There must have been at least five 5% grade climbs (or maybe steeper) and others that made me squeal, stop and catch my breath! 

An Amish community. 

Saying goodbye to Pat and Mark.

The countryside near Houston. 

As our usual routine, to stay hydrated and to cool down we bought ice lollies and some fresh orange juice.  The temperature here can be overwhelmingly hot. Without realising the upper part of my right arm has blistered. So tomorrow I’ll need to wear sleeves and cover up. 

We arrived in Houston late this evening around 2000hrs, so I’m about ready to sleep and hopefully feel ready for some more death defying hills tomorrow.  

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