Mt Carmel, Illinois to French Lick Indiana – State No8.Welcome to Indiana.?

Day 55

86 miles

The bike did well today, well done Daisy! Well done us! 

I packed all the essential tools to manage a long ride. Well Bob does make a decent cake! I needed energy after all ???????? . It did the job for the ride today and maybe tomorrow because there’s lots left. 

My day started nicely when I met Joe Shular. I met Joe this morning just after we had breakfast in Mt Carmel. 

Joe said good morning. This charming and thoughtful man wanted me to be safe on the road, suggesting that I should wear a brighter top. Joe doesn’t use the Internet because he says he’s too old but I gave him a business card anyway – to pass onto his granddaughter, so they can take a look at our journey together. Joe was really pleased! 

He also said that he was proud of me. That still makes me feel emotional – Joe is proud of someone, whom he’d met only for a few minutes but that didn’t matter and he added meaning to my day. 

Joe, I hope you get to read this and see how your words made me feel. 

This was Joes view from the balcony. It’s going to be a good day.

However, I was a little daunted by the 100 miles that lay ahead. 

With this in mind I spoke to Andy and he took another look at the map. He managed to take the mileage down to 86. I was overwhelmed with joy ???????? – at least it was a shorter ride. 

Another positive was crossing over another state line. Indiana welcomes us. However, the only thing that today’s plan didn’t include was that we lost an hour from our day. We’ve crossed over a time zone. 

Pedaling east and clicking up fifty miles made us both very hungry. So we fuelled up, after all we still had more 36 miles to cycle. Much better than 50 ????????

The pizza was really nice! and John and Hanna @ Brick Oven were genuinely good people. We chatted about our ride, route and the reason we were doing it. John and Hanna wanted to share our story on the company’s FB. Thank you for that.  

Hanna and me. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get John in the shot because he was working. 

Then this happened. A tiny piece of metal, had given me a flat.My first flat tyre!

Andy was so pleased that he wanted to hoola hoop with the tyre. 


Yes this picture had to go in my blog. 

Though the flat tyre was disappointing it was soon fixed and we were on our way. Although I had very tired legs I didn’t take a break when I cycled up this hill. 

???Daisy is reflecting on her day by the side of Patoka Lake, Indiana. 

Arrival in French Lick. 

Its definitely been a good days work and a good ride, meeting lots of kind people who are interested in our journey across the USA. 

This is a message for Cheyenne a young lady that we met this evening. Both Andy and I want to say there’s no challenge too big if you just put your mind to it. You know you can achieve anything with some applied effort because nothing is handed to you – you have to earn it. You know this. Your reward is in your hands. 


  1. I love hearing about all the special people you have met on your ride . Keep peddling girl you are doing so well xxx

  2. Wonderful photo Andy Hoola-hooping with the tire. Do you know what the lick In French Lick refer to? After this journey nothing well be daunting at home with the strength you have gotten from the endless hill you have conquered.

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