Ness City to Larned, Kansas – Independence Day

65 miles

Day 37

Up and out later than intended @ 0700 – feeling really tired and ready for a break and why not take sometime out this evening to celerbrate American Indendance Day.

The first part of the day was lovely and cool with some fog. In part this was amazing because being cool makes the ride a little easier, though this made the air really muggy.

Then boom the sun came out around midday. The fog cleared and we continued to climb the rolling hills of Kansas again. Yes Kansas is not totally flat!

Feeling a little worn out, hot and aching we came across the home to the Guardians of the Santa Fe Trail. This was around 6 miles from Lenard and a welcome break.

This authentic army post at Forg Larned was from the 1860s -1870s. The fort is really well preserved and it can be found on the Santa Fe Trail.

The history is of the Indian Wars era. The sandstone constructed buildings sheltered troops who were known as the Guardians of the Santa Fe Trail.

This is were we met Marla, a lovely lady who wore a traditional dress from the era and partakes in reenactments for the fort, along with other actors.

Later, and after dropping off our bikes we joined in with the Independance Day Celerbrations.

In Larned Independance Day Celerbrations involve hanging flags from their homes, firework displays in the streets and people enjoying family barbecues.

Andy and I, attended a firework display provided by Lenard, in the evening.

We bumped in Marla and all of the other reinactment crew from fort

You could smell the sulphur and hear loud bangs from every direction, either from the town display or from the private homes in the surrounding streets.

The entire town of Lenard appeared to be joining in with the celerbrations and the atmosphere was electric.

Tomorrow we are having a day to rest. My body feels really tired.


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