Newton to Rosalia, Kansas

Bill, Myrtle and me.

Day 41

58 miles

Today, I was the navigator. I took control of the map. We didn’t get lost and we didn’t make a wrong turn ( but then this is Kansas and we didn’t make any turns). The Trans American Bicycle Trail maps are pretty straight forward, that’s if you know your east from your west and so on.

I have to say the roads here are a mixture of rolling hills and some flat. Today the elevation was 1600 ft. Mostly, we went East and South today. See picture below. The roads were pretty clear from traffic.
On route, we ran really low of water this was because of the heat, we’d nearly finished what we were carrying. So, I had the idea of asking at the next house we came across. This was when we met Donna. This lady had no hesitation in helping us and we chatted for over half an hour without realising the passage of time. Donna gave us some water and advised us on what to do if a tornado occurred. Very thoughtful. Here’s Donna.
When we arrived in Rosalia Andy and I went for a walk around the town to check it out. This was when we had a friendly ‘How you both doing’ from Bill. This appeared to be how Bill rolled, as they say. Always thinking of other people.

I found Bill to have a very gentle soul too. I’ll explain.

Firstly, when we met we’d interrupted him because Bill had just checked on an old lady and then he was going to see his mum who’s 92. This is Bills usual routine. He also cuts grass in Rosalia, I asked him why because he’s got lots of other responsibilities like his farm to harvest etc, but he says, ‘ I just want to be helpful.’

I won’t divulge everything about Bill but I want to say this man lost a dear friend many years ago and it broke his heart. The story is tragic and Bill couldn’t find the strength to ever loose someone again, so he chose not to marry or to have a family. He chose to keep things simple, farm his land and take care of his mum.

I gave Bill a hug not just from me but from you.

Myrtle, Bills mum loves everything about the United Kingdom and she tells me, ‘ I like to read about the United Kingdom’ and so I asked if she’d ever visited. Unfortunately Myrtle hasn’t. I’m going to send her a small parcel when I get back home.

Myrtle and Bill. Lovely people.
Tonight I’m ready for a good rest, my legs feel a little sore and I’m tired from the ride.

Donna and us.
Donna and us.


Long roads of Kansas
Long roads of Kansas.


Bill, Myrtle and me.
Bill, Myrtle and me.

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  1. Sounds like you are meeting some real nice people over there, Tracey – your travels and blog are changing what I think of America.

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