Nickerson to Newton, Kansas

Day 40

49 miles

Late start @ 0900 because we got talking to June and Martin a fellow cyclist and hilarious Scotish guy – very dry sense of humour! I found him magnetic.

Quote Martin ‘What a doughnut’.

So the ride today..

The Trans America Trail to Newton was an easy ride today. We must have been blessed because the roads were mostly flat and even (bumpy roads can hurt your bottom over 60 or so miles), the traffic was kind giving us the 3 feet distance (as the law states here) and the sun was kinder than usual because it put its hat on after a couple of hours. Even though it was a little muggy we didn’t mind.

We briefly made stops for ice lollies at Buhler and Hesston. This is an essential part of the ride.

We fell in love with Buhler. This small town with a population of 1,331 is divine. They have somewhere to eat cake and drink coffee and buy your essentials. We bought cold drinks. There was a shop on the high street that played music from the 1940’s, the people were friendly and all of this happening whilst we sat on a bench. Bliss.

Back on the road we came across this little chap… He was on his way to cross the road and he’s no chicken! He was sat ‘straight and centre’ in the middle of the road.

This kids is not a safe place to be, so we picked him up and put him in a safe place! He’s survived another day ???? ????

Comfortably, we arrived in Newton. A little sweaty maybe but we arrived!

Newton Bike Shop take great care in looking after cyclists and Heather and James offer laundry, cycle maintenance and somewhere to sleep.

These guys are great, in a very welcoming way!

A great place to stay.


  1. I hope you asked the turtle which way he was going. It might have taken him a couple of hours to get to the middle and then you took him all the way back to the start which would have been turtley frustrating ! The world may seem bigger on a bike but you can see it in a lot more detail! Go Daisy. Go Wiggo – I think of you guys every day.

    1. Andrew you are amazing! You said you think of us every day and that my friend means the world to Andy and I!!

      That lovely turtle – we felt really pleased to save him because so many don’t make it. Now we are seeing armadillos and we haven’t had the fortune of saving any.

      Your spot on – the world does seem a lot bigger when your on a bike, though like you say we see things ( like the turtles) that most people in cars don’t. Andy stopped a car to let an animal cross the road.

      We stopped cycling around an hour ago and we are just having something to eat before heading to someone’s house. We’ve been invited to stay overnight.

      The last couple of days have been great because eve met some unforgettable people!

      Hugs T and A xx

  2. A very sad word of warning handling wildlife is often illegal, especially so, if it an endangered species. Enjoying the hospitality while it last. I hear the east coast can be a hostile environment.

    1. It’s tricky because we care. I can’t cycle by and leave a turtle because they get squashed. So far no one has stopped us but thanks for letting us know. We’ve been treated so well here and the memories of that won’t be forgotten. We won’t forget you either!!!

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