Ordway to Eads, Colorado – Halfway point!?

63 miles

Day 34

This morning started by thanking and saying goodbye to Gillian. She generously gives cyclists somewhere to sleep for the night, the only cost is to do 15 minutes of work and being considerate to other housemates. Thank you Gillian!

So today we’ve reached the halfway point across America. See the picture at the top.

I’ve earned my place on The Halfway Wall of Fame! On the Trans American Wall of Fame.

Just look at that smile.

The lady in the picture is wearing the same colours as me, the difference being I’m not a poster and I’ve actually achieved the halfway point to my goal. Eads!

The ride started around 0700 with the sky full of grey threatening to rain. The weather is a big topic of conversation at the moment, in every store and between cycle tourers with talk of flash floods. The rain did happen, as well as some thunder but fortunately, this happened after the ride finished.

So I’m watching the rain from my window as I write. We will be dry and warm tonight.

The ride was difficult in parts with a headwind for most of the journey. There was a gradual ascent of 1400ft and the odd rolling hill, with field after field full of wheat and little other variation.

Fingers crossed the weather settled overnight.


  1. A BIG congrats on meeting your halfway point! I couldn’t be more proud of you two! You are both looking great! Getting more and more fit every day! I sure am enjoying your blog entries and the beautiful pics you’ve posted. Thank you for continuing to share. Be safe across that part of the country! The weather really does get wild and crazy!
    I continue to be envious!
    Love & hugs to both of you!

  2. Halfway already. That’s fantastic! You’re both doing so well and I’m enjoying your blog posts. Keep up the good work Tracey, you’re amazing! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on reaching half way, guys – To say Well Done I have gone over your site Tracey. If the ‘comments’ section is still working you will receive this.

    Much love.

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