Pennsboro to Marshfield, Missouri?

Day 46

60 miles 

I woke up tired this morning, I’d hardly slept. I also felt guilty for leaving Ginge our lovely cat. He’d sat by the door all night, waiting for us to wake up. Feeling really tired and guilty isn’t a good thing when you know there are plenty of hills to climb. 

Apparently these hills go on and on and if you speak to a cyclist in the USA and mention the Ozarks, then they would say something like they’ll be tough. I’ve already been told by one lady that she needed to get off and push many times. This is what the elevation map looks like; plenty of spikes: the hills keep coming! 

So we needed plenty of fuel. 

Heading east, towards Ash Grove we pulled into a cafe. I ate for England!! Then when we asked for the bill the waitress said this had been taken care of by a man who’s not long left. We couldn’t personally thank the man but I left a business card for him so he can follow our ride.Hopefully he will get in touch! 

Fully loaded we took on the Ozarks. I actually enjoyed going up and down the climbs. 

Then the best thing happened alongside the road, this lovely lady was selling fruit! This isn’t a common site. We bounded over and it felt amazing to eat juicy tomatoes and a peach. Then, after hearing about Doctors Without Borders, she gave us some more tomatoes! 

We eventually arrived in Marshfield, very sweaty and sticky from the sun lotion. Making it to our destination always makes me feel relieved. Finally I can climb off my bike! 

Then, from out of no where a voice from a car asked, ‘Have you got anywhere to stay’? And there was Pat, kindly offering to put us up at her home.

So here we are at Pat and Marks house, fed watered and very fortunate. 

I think that tonight I’ll have a better sleep. 

and this was how we spent the evening. 

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  1. I’m truly amazed by the generosity of people you meet. America it seem is not all bad.

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