Pittsburg to Pennsboro, Missouri State 6!

Day 45 
59 Miles 
We’ve passed into Missouri!

State number 6 and we’re being chased out by this! So, best take cover and get the map out. We don’t want to pitch the tent in the rain or sleep outside with the possibility of becoming water logged. 

Sadly, because we’ve left Kansas, this also means that we’ve said goodbye to our new friends Suzie, Marty, Byron and Regan. I didn’t post yesterday because we had a day off to rest. I slept some of it because I’ve been feeling a little drained, I’m a lot better now. 

I didn’t mention that we did some media work yesterday. This was with the Pittsburg Community Information Centre, to promote the cycle ride. It was also a great opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us whilst we’ve been here in the USA. We came here to fulfill our goal of cycling across the States but we’ve gained new friends and this has been amazing! That’s what we told Drew (the journalist). 

In the short time we spent in Pittsburg we became very close to this family, we almost felt part of it! We would have loved to stay longer but our schedule dictates that we move on.

We will dearly miss them! Who would ever figure that someone you met  by chance would give you their trust – offering you warmth, protection and welcome you into their family home. There are some lovely people in this world! 

Our ride to Pennsboro was great. A little wet but alright. 

The hills rolled and the wind finally blew from behind! I actually laughed, and grinned because for weeks the winds always been against us. This also made the ride quicker and at 17 miles per hour, on our loaded bikes I felt like I was flying! 

We’ve even made a new friend here! Meet Ginge..(I named him). 

We have found somewhere to stay tonight. Maybe a little more humble place to sleep tonight compared to Suzie and Marty’s comfortable home, soft bed etc but we are satisfied to have warmth and shelter, and to be free from a possible storm. 

Tonight we are sleeping in Pennsboro. 


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