Pueblo to Ordway,Colorado?

Up around 0500 today

Day 33

60 miles

I was feeling a little sad this morning waking up with our friend Mike no longer joining us on our journey. Andy was quiet and we ate breakfast in the hotel without really passing many words.

We found our way out of Pueblo without any problems heading east on highway 50, changing to the 96 towards Ordway. The roads were mostly flat and the ride today was pretty easy compared to other days.

Today we had two stops to stretch our legs and have a drink. The first stop was a grocery store in Boone. This was were we met some friendly cycle tourers from Holland. We were given tips about the route and their company was refreshing.

The next stop was in Olney Springs. Most of the town is shut down and the old shops are closed.

However, there’s a stocked grocery store which has been open for around two months after being sat empty for a long time. It was here that we met John, the shop owner.

John is in equal measures charismatic and enthusiastic. In his own words he is living the Anerican dream and I believe John is helping to making this small towns heart beat again. Here’s a picture of John in his shop.

I was a little jumpy along the route today because there was a wave of grasshoppers jumping from the grasses along the roadside. I squealed a couple of times as these little lovlies hopped onto my legs, body and my bike. Maybe they wanted a free ride.
The ride didn’t take too long and we soon arrived in Ordway. We enjoyed some food and the company of the young lady from the local restaurant.

Following this we found Gillians place. Gillian is a very generous lady who offers cyclists somewhere to sleep. This was free of charge with an ask for 15 minutes of your time to do a job around her place. We also met Jerry who’s sleeping at Gillians tonight. Jerry is cycling to San Fransisco, we talked about the route and I enjoyed meeting him. He’s relaxed and nice to be around.

See the picture below of my resting place tonight.

I’m feeling tired really tonight and an early sounds perfect. Shower first and then I’ll be sleeping.

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