Rosalia to Toronto, Kansas

Day 42

43 Miles

Lovely to see these guys again.
Lovely to see these guys again.
The deverstation from the hurricane ripped homes apart in Eureka.
The devastation ? from the tornado ripped homes apart in Eureka.


Toronto Lake at sunset.
Toronto Lake at sunset.
Me and Anne-Marie.
Me and Jean-Marie.
Andy looking amused.
Andy looking amused.

Today started around 0600 to beat the sun waking up.

With around twenty miles travelling east to Eureka we pushed on, rolling up and down the Kansas hills. We arrived around 0800 and? were on the look out for breakfast.

Whilst we sat eating ice lollies on a garage step, the guys we met at Newton bike shop pulled in. We chatted a while about this and that, including the tornado, then they left for Walnut, Kansas. Disappearing into the distance. Hopefully we’ll see them again!

Andy and I wanted to see how the tornado which struck just 3 days earlier) had affected Eureka, so we went to the north part of the town and took a look.

Trees were torn from the ground, some houses moved from their foundations and both the hospital and a care home were in parts, ripped apart. The community had all come together, choping trees down to make things safe and picking up their precious possessions.

Fortunately, for us we decided to stay in Larned for two days, and we missed ? the tornado.

We set off again and came across the Copper Kettle cafe and stoped for some oatmeal. Ready and fuelled up we continued to cycle for another twenty miles or so onto another cafe called the Lizard Lips. Popular with cyclists.

This was on our route and a couple of miles away from Toronto.

This was when Jean Marie, a lady from Toronto, Kansas bumped into us whilst she was leaving the cafe. She asked if we’d like to stay over at her place and Andy looked at me, then accepted without any hesitation.

We enjoyed a sandwich and some ice lollies before heading out to Jean Marie’s. The sun was in full swing outside, it was baking hot!

Arriving in Toronto felt like a blessing. Jean Marie has air conditioning and a lovely home with a warm welcome we settled into soft furnishings, chatted about our travels and later enjoyed watching the sun going down near Toronto lake. The only unfortunate thing was, that I didn’t feel well but I tried my best to not to be a bother.

We settled down about 2200 in a comfy bed. Thank you Jean-Marie.



  1. Gosh – how lucky you were to miss the tornado! Wildfires in Colarado behind you (or at least to the North) – plagues of locust (well grasshoppers), your trip is taking on biblical proportions! Keep on keeping on!

    1. VERY lucky! How about turtles – we’ve saved tonnes of these..

      We passed by after the wild fires started in Colorado – I remember seeing on the news, thinking jeeze that’s a scary thought being caught up with all that!!

      The grass hoppers are in abundance as you pass by the roadsides and hedges. There hopping all over the place!

      Whatever next?! Frogs falling from the sky???

  2. Probably not frogs, but that area known to have horrendous hailstorms. That would leave you unconscious and bloody. Good luck with the plains. By the way, I must be the only American following your journey across America.

  3. Was a joy having you & Andy stay with me & the Tillie Bean kitty! Am enjoying your posts!

    Happy trails!

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