Thank you for your amazing support!!

I just want to say a HUGE Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on my blog. It can be difficult to get onto the internet and just posting my blog can be a challenge.

The service here isn’t always available.

I want to say that I’ve just read around 100 messages and they have made me feel really supported and I’ve enjoyed reading all of them. Some very kind words from you. Thank you

Just over half way across the USA and please stay with me and come along for the ride ????


  1. Hi Tracey. Really enjoying your blog. Loving the photos. I really wish I was doing it with you ! Just off for a spin around Wetherby so absolutely no comparison. Your quote ” life on the road is not glorious but really makes you feel alive” totally resonated with me. I Llook forward to hearing all about it on your return. Julie xx

  2. You are doing amazingly . As I plot your progress I can’t believe all those miles have been done just by leg power
    Keep peddling girl ,
    Missing you here in Yorkshire
    Rachel xx

    1. Hey Rach,
      Sometimes I can’t believe how far we’ve come! It’s lovely to hear from you and know your following my progress. I miss you xx

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