Toronto to Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Walnut Kansas

Day 43

Long and hot day, with wind at our sides and 72 miles under our belts! Including 3 potential dog attacks (domestic dogs).

Our day started later than usual around 0900 hrs. Setting off this late can be tricky because it gets hotter as the day continues. The reason for setting off late was due to Jean Marie’s good company and simply being comfortable where we were.

The wind started early today, moving both southeasterly and from the south. The combination of this and the sun means we sweat but it dries fast and it’s easy to lose track of hydration needs. This was a tough ride!

Not far from Toronto we were passing a pickup truck, parked next to the road when out of nowhere two dogs started to charge towards us, snarling. This was tricky because they didn’t stop as we attempted to get away. It was at this point we used pepper spray. We can’t afford to be bitten, with the potential of an infection because it may stop the ride. The dogs stopped in their tracks and our hearts thumped as we cycled on.

Further on we stopped off at a shop in Benedict, this was hidden from the roadside. We were greeted by a small terrier and Joe, the shop owner. We bought ice lollies and cold drinks, chatted for a while – Joes got plenty of stories!

We moved on cooler and refreshed!

A couple of hours later and almost at the end of our ride, we passed by a couple of residential gardens and on two occasions dogs flew out charging towards us, both Andy and I pointed the pepper spray towards them, only a few feet from us.

Fortunately, we escaped the dogs today and I hope this will continue.

The sun started to set around 20:30 when we arrived at the church. Tonight we have a roof and we will sleep on the floor, comfortable on our sleeping mats.

Sweat running down my leg.
Sweat running down my leg.
Long roads of Kansas.
Long roads of Kansas.
Joe and me with Annie the dog.
Joe and I
Arriving at the church.
Arriving at the church.
The sun string as we arrived, after a long day on the saddle.
The sun setting as we arrived, after a long day on the saddle, Daisy and Wiggo are tired.



  1. Ha! L e the lizard on the map! ????????????????????????????????????. Goodness, I know the dog scene too well. Scary deal! Glad you survived the snarly attacks.

    I have the French Matthieu staying with me. Good kid. Plans on making it to Newton tomorrow.

    Take care. Happy trails!

    Gigantic hugs,


    1. I’ve just picked your message up. Matthieu’s a fit and friendly young guy and we steered him your way because we knew you would look after him. Hugs and more hugs ????????????

  2. Amazing how doing this puts you in tune with the weather. Most of us have no idea which way the wind blows. Keep safe. See you soon.

    1. Ha! When your on a bike the weather means everything! I think that you and Helen should plan a ride… Helen best get some practice in and we can all go out together.

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